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Pros and cons of a difficult-to-imagine combination

Vettel said goodbye to Ferrari. Where will the driver go now? One of the most anticipated options for fans is the main rival of both Sebastian and his (already former) team - Mercedes. 

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Pros and cons of a difficult-to-imagine combination
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In one of recent interviews, the former chief executive of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone predicted the departure of Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari, saying that the driver should leave the team, move to another or completely end a career in the championship. Mr. Ecclestone recommended McLaren as an alternative, for the German, but today both places in the British team are occupied - in 2021, the Norris-Ricciardo duo will represent the team.


Another fact speaks in favor of the of the four-time champion's moving to Mercedes is the rumors about Hamilton and Ferrari, which began at the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Then the Italian press actively discussed Lewis' readiness to drive for the Italian team. At the same time, the German press picked up these arguments and said that if this really happens, then this is a great chance for Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes - the German driver will join the German team and become an equal replacement for Hamilton.

In addition, now according to German press reports, Sebastian is really considering only one option - a moving to Mercedes.

Since there are a lot of facts about that next year we may see the German driver in the German team, let's evaluate the pros and cons of this "possible" story.

Improving the team's status

The German in the German team; two of the most titled F1 drivers currently in one team; two eternal rivals who became teammates... the "top headlines" and high-sounding phrases about the duo of Vettel and Hamilton can go on indefinitely. However, it is obvious that the combination of these two looks exactly like this.


With such a championship line-up, victories and podiums that Lewis and Sebastian will definitely get in each race, Mercedes will increase its status. Even now, this team is legendary and it has left a big mark in history. However, by signing Vettel, Mercedes would start a new successful round in the history of the championship.

The ultimate proof of the speed

For many years, fans of the two clans "Hamilton" and "Vettel" continue to argue about who is the fastest of these two drivers. And how many years have Lewis and Seb been hearing negative statements about their titles "being secured only by a fast car"? Well, if they turned out to be teammates, then the eternal arguments and doubts would come to an end. Pure competition - one team, one car, the same conditions, in which the strongest drivers will show what they are capable of.

Commercially attractive pair of drivers on the market

Exactly. Such pairs in the F1 history frankly are few. A striking example of modern Formula 1 is the Verstappen-Ricciardo duo was very successful in terms of marketing, as will obviously Ricciardo-Norris in the 2021 season.

The combination of Lewis and Sebastian will probably go down in history as one of the most outstanding marketing projects. Two champions, two rivals together - such a scenario for PR, media, sponsors and the Daimler concern itself is truly ideal.


Whatever the pros, some negative consequences are also possible, so consider the cons.

Destructive rivalry

To be honest, this question arises initially - who will be the number 2 driver in the team? It is no secret that now Lewis Hamilton is the leader of Mercedes, and Valtteri Bottas is doing everything to protect his teammate from rivals and ensure his wins in races. But knowing Sebastian's character, emotionality and hunger for victories it is difficult to imagine how he will lose to Hamilton in a tough fight on the track. Each battle will end either as the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, where Hamilton and his former teammate Nico Rosberg did not share the track, or as the 2019 season between Vettel and Leclerc.

Unlikely scenario

And still, in the end, this scenario looks unlikely. However, it is worth remembering this is Formula 1 and we should always be prepared for the most unexpected events.

However, today it looks like Mercedes has a long-term strategy and is sticking to it. The team has young drivers (Russell, Ocon) who have come a long way, proving their talents and speed. Therefore, it already seems strange why Mercedes needs Vettel, who, as it can not be denied, in recent years is not in the best shape and still makes a lot of mistakes.

And finally, Lewis Hamilton. It is obvious that this driver would never allow himself to be at risk, especially inside of the team. And Mercedes is Lewis's team. Therefore, even if Vettel becomes his teammate, so definitely in the role of the "second number".

As written above, in Hamilton's plans there is an option with a moving to Ferrari. This is largely due to the changes in the championship regulations, which may cause Mercedes to lose its high positions. However, if Lewis leaves Mercedes, it will not be next year, and perhaps not even in 2022. So, there is no room for Vettel in Mercedes yet, what could mean that Sebastian Vettel, unable to make his dream come true with Ferrari, decided to end his career as a Formula 1 driver.


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