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Hockenheimring's managing director: "We are still in ongoing talks with F1”

After the new obligatory quarantine measures that were imposed by the UK government, the Hockenheimring, which is the host of the German GP, has the most possibilities of racing there. Its managing director has commented that their talks with Liberty Media have accelerated.

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Hockenheimring's managing director: "We are still in ongoing talks with F1”
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After being in huge problems, Formula 1 has been constantly keeping us updated about the situation of the championship. It is believed that the 2020 season will begin on July the 5th with the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring, while the second race will be at the same circuit but a week later, July the 12th. It worth say that this is just a rumour, and nothing has been confirmed by neither the FIA nor Formula 1. After these two races, whether Hockenheim or Silverstone would be host of the next two Grand Prix and they are meant to take place on July 26th and August the 2nd. In the last few days, it was announced that every person that wants to enter to the United Kingdom, he must spend 14 days in quarantine, in order to not expose the country of new virus outspreads. Formula 1 was hoping that the UK government was going to be a little bit more flexible with the people that is going to the GP so they are not bound to make the mandatory quarantine, but the government denied the permission. This means that the GP is again in risk of not being held. In the other hand, Hockenheim has announced that talks with Liberty Media about joining the F1 calendar in this season, even though their contract has expired, have accelerated and it seems really promising.

If we remember, Silverstone and Formula 1 have already reached an agreement of racing twice in the circuit, but the restrictions imposed by the government have put the race in trouble. Hockenheim circuit seems to be the one that is most probable to race in. Motorsport.com had an interview with Jorn Teske, who is the managing director of Hockenheimring, has made some statements that are very interesting in order to know the future of the 2020 season.

“It is indeed true that we are still in ongoing talks with Formula 1. We have moved from a casual conversation mode to a mode of sounding things out. We are sounding out under which conditions such a thing could be possible – [such as] the approval situation, infection situation, track availability. And, of course, economics. These are important issues.” Commented Teske.

We know that carrying out a Formula 1 race is very complicated, and even more in this situation that the world is going through. The organizers must look after sponsors, tv, and they need to spend a lot of money as the events (at least the German or the British GP) are going to be held without fans.

“It does indeed look as if the political decision on the subject of quarantine exemptions in England could have an impact on the European racing calendar and therefore on us. However, this does not necessarily mean that we will automatically be out of the race if the British GP takes place”. Commented the managing director of the Hockenheim Ring. “We cannot take any economic risk in hosting Formula 1. We are sticking to that. And I will go one step further and say: in a year like this, we must earn money. There’s no other way.”

Conditions look stable for the German Grand Prix to take place, and they can seem even more stable if the British GP runs out of possibilities of being held. Would you like to see F1 back in Hockenheim? Or would you rather see the category in Silverstone?

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