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Why Vettel is a win win for Mercedes and F1

The possibility exists despite what many think, market-wise it would be a bold move by Mercedes, it would inconvenience a six-time world champion to deliver a media coup and secure, at once, Lewis's replacement upon retirement.

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Why Vettel is a win win for Mercedes and F1
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Why Vettel is a win win for Mercedes and F1

We are living a fantastic Silly Season in 2020, F1 for the first time in its history will reach the middle of the year without having made a single official race of his championship, the infamous virus has arrived and has hit us in all areas, but all this misfortune has not been an impediment for another bomb to be cooking in German territory, and it is that German sources indicate that since Daimler they are exerting strong pressure on Toto Wolff so that Sebastian Vettel (without contract for 2021) will be hired by the german team starting next season.

It is well known that both, Wolff and Hamilton, are very happy with the little opposition that Valtteri Bottas has presented against the six-time champion, the team has managed to score enough points to win the constructors' titles without problems and Lewis is enjoying his moment dominating F1 without any problems since Rosberg's departure in late 2016.

But given the announcement of Vettel's departure from the Maranello team and the termination of Valtteri Bottas' current contract later this season, they have raised many questions inside of the Mercedes team, it is clear that if the decision were made by Wolff and Lewis they would renew Bottas for another year, but as always happens in these cases, those who put the money in, and the structure of Mercedes is too attracted by the idea of a German triumphing in a German car, the top of Mercedes, those who employ Toto (also a partner in the team) and those who have paid Lewis for the entire career clearly, are thinking about Hamilton's retirement, and they suspect that day is getting closer.

For Mercedes, having a 4-time F1 champion next to the legend Lewis Hamilton is too attractive not to consider it, market-wise speaking it would be a masterful blow since they would become an even more solid team at a conductive level (that Vettel is a more stronger driver that Bottas is not in discussion).

Above all, they would be a German team with a German driver promoting the Mercedes brand around the world, also, if Hamilton in this year or 2021 wins his seventh championship and decides that he has no more goals to reach and retires, he would not leave the Mercedes team weakened and looking for a driver No. 1 for the following seasons, they would already have him for at least a couple of years, it is important to remember that Sebastian Vettel is almost 3 years younger than Lewis.

Liberty Media lost almost 300 million as $ FWONK has revealed in the past few days, with the announcement of Sebastian Vettel's departure from Ferrari F1 also loses, which would be reversed with the announcement of an explosive association such as the theoretical Vettel / Mercedes .

If this announcement were made in the next few days, F1, Liberty Media, Mercedes and Vettel would win, as well as the show, the sport and the millions of fans around the world.

There is no greater indication that this is already a reality, much less, but just imagining it gives the 2021 season a special attraction, it gives more interest to the fight for world championships among Mercedes drivers, undoubtedly, It would also be attractive the possibility that Vettel could add one more title to his career by running against the team that opened the doors to retirement, the message and the marketing that Mercedes would obtain by championing with the driver who failed in his attempts with Ferrari could be too much attractive to pass up, so if we take into account all the edges that surround this possibility, the sports and commercial potential of this alliance is brutal, too great not to take it seriously.

It is just for this reason that those who command Mercedes (together with Liberty Media) are pushing for this alliance to become a reality, the owners know that Lewis is very close to saying goodbye, he has achieved everything, so they must take provisions.

The only possibility for this alliance not to happen would be that the German team was actually considering retiring as an F1 constructor in the short term, otherwise and from a business perspective it would be absurd to miss this opportunity, but when an operation It is a  "win, win" for everyone, it is difficult to say no. For Sebastian everything is clear at the moment, it is Mercedes or it is the retirement of F1, they are decisive moments for the future of the 4-time world champion and Mercedes has, right now, the decision in their hands ...

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