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Horner shuts the door to Vettel: “Two alpha drivers in a top team rarely pan out well”

The Red Bull principal is unwilling to hire Vettel back in Red Bull for the team’s racing dynamics.

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Horner shuts the door to Vettel: “Two alpha drivers in a top team rarely pan out well”
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“Red Bull gives you wings”, claims the slogan. Unless you are two top drivers and you aim to race both for its Formula 1 team.

In the wake of the latest news regarding the drivers’ market, the slight chance to see Sebastian Vettel coming back to Red Bull seems every day more plausible. The four-time World Champion is, surprisingly, the only one who is at the moment without any deal for the 2021 season of Formula 1. This game of chess is moving, switching and twisting anybody in the Circus: Carlos Sainz is going to drive for Ferrari, his vacant seat in McLaren has been taken by Daniel Ricciardo. This leaves Renault’s second seat untaken but the French team declared clearly its intentions to hire a young driver from their junior program, to assist Ocon for the next season.

Sebastian Vettel is said to be taking measures with Mercedes but this possibility seems very unlikely, as we all remember how it ended between two drivers competing for the World title back in 2015 and 2016 when the Silver Arrows’ drivers line-up was composed by Hamilton and Rosberg.


What about the German coming back “home” to Red Bull, then? At the end of the day, he won all his titles with them and the relationship ended on good terms. Christian Horner has turned down this possibility. The British team principal, in fact, said that is unlikely for them to have two “alpha drivers” as it would combine not very well with their racing dynamics.

“I think it's enormously unlikely, - Horner declared -We have a long-term agreement with Max [Verstappen]. Alex [Albon] is doing a good job. We've got a good dynamic within the team. Experience shows that two alpha males, it doesn't tend to pan out well. Sebastian is still a very competitive Grand Prix driver. I don't think it would be conducive for our team to have two alphas.

"We're happy with the driver line-up we have. I'm sure he's not short of options moving forward, but he's chosen that it hasn't worked out for him at Ferrari."

Nevertheless, Horner wishes Vettel the best for his future, looking at the retirement as a choice that is up only to Vettel himself.

“That ultimately is his choice. He's still relatively young, he's in his early 30s. If he chose to stay, he's obviously still very competitive. That's entirely down to him, and nobody will know that apart from Sebastian what his choices are.

He's got strong values, he's got strong integrity, and I'm sure he will have thought long and hard about this. Whether he chooses to continue or not, he's achieved a huge amount during his time in F1. Four world championships, he's one of the most successful drivers of all-time."

These words shut down another door for Vettel so we will wait and see what his decision will be.

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