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Leclerc to star in "C'etait un Rendez-Vous” remake & Armani campaign

Charles Leclerc is set to star in remake of an interesting 1976 short film as well as new adds for Giorgio Armani’s campaign. 

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Leclerc to star in "C'etait un Rendez-Vous” remake & Armani campaign
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We’ve seen F1 drivers take different paths outside of their on-track battles. Some of them find their thing in fashion (like Lewis Hamilton and his collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger), some in music, and in many more different things. Recently, one who will be joining the club of the drivers who venture out beside the fast racing is Charles Leclerc. 

It has been communicated that Charles Leclerc will star in a remake of a 1976 French short film called “C'était un rendez-vous” (English: It Was A Date), directed by Claude Lelouch. The original movie made 44 years ago depicted an eight minute drive through Paris during the early hours, accompanied by the sounds of gear changes, squealing tyres and high-revving engine. 

The remake, which will be titled "Le Grand Rendez-Vous” will follow the same premise, yet this time it will showcase the streets of Monte Carlo. The movie was apparently commissioned by the Royals of Monaco in contact with Ferrari, and quickly a decision was made to highlight the young Monegasque racing driver. 

The movie is supposed to be made in total safety, with the streets of Monte Carlo being closed for the 9 hours of filming. The car chosen for the film this time will be most likely an SF90 Stradale, a twin turbo V8 with a max power of around 1000HP. 

Obviously, Leclerc seems like a great fit for such a movie, and with this particular setting the results will definitely be pleasant to the eye. The original 1976 movie was always under a veil of mystery, because the filmmaker, Claude Lelouch never admitted that there was a professional driver in the car during that stroll in Paris, although many speculated it could have been either Jacques Lafitte or Jackie Ickx, who’s a very close friend of the director. Even the car used in “C'etait un Rendez-Vous” was never mentioned, although the most possible option was the Ferrari 275 GTB owned by Lelouch. 

The original movie attracted quite some criticism, deeming it as very unsafe and reckless, with the 200 kmph overtakes in the city centre of Paris on a regular day, since it was shot on regular city roads without any preparation. It got to the point that when the director introduced the driver, he was arrested and his license was withdrawn. People were outraged with the shooting method, but this time to movie is supposed to be made with a closed setting, ensuring more safety.

Additionally to the reveal of this information, just a few days back Leclerc informed he will be the face of a new 2020 ads for the ongoing Giorgio Armani campaign “Made to Measure”. It is the first a Formula One driver fronts the advertising for a luxury brand. Armani’s "Made to Measure" has been running since 2006, and it’s a service available at the stores of the brand globally. 

The pictures for the campaign were shot before the COVID-19 outbreak in Saint-Tropez, and feature Leclerc in a series of cinematic black-and-white images.

As written on the Armani website, “Charles Leclerc is a very promising racing driver. He has achieved considerable success despite his young age, and this is an indication of his will and determination, as well as his obvious talent. He is fresh-faced and has an energetic physical presence that my Made to Measure collection enhances and matches well. A Made to Measure suit is timeless, as demonstrated by these photographs.

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