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Palmer out, Moers in: Aston Martin has a new CEO

Aston Martin just announced its new CEO will be Moers, who previously worked for Mercedes.

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Palmer out, Moers in: Aston Martin has a new CEO
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The 2020 Formula 1 Word Championship is a very funny one. In fact, the 70th edition of the Championship  will make it to history mostly for non-racing facts. Everyone is pushing to grab some Grands Prix out of the silly season, from the organizers to the fans, but what really entertains the crowd is the Formula 1 market.

In this period, in fact, we are experiencing a really active staff and drivers’ “movida”: even if there is no track action, a lot of Formula 1 personalities are planning their future into the sport for the next season.

At the moment we already have a new Spaniard- Carlos Sainz Jr- in Ferrari, Ricciardo in McLaren and a fascinating option: Fernando Alonso is said to be sniffing his Formula 1 coming back just with the French team and Vettel is rumoured to be having talks with Mercedes.

Drivers, though, are not the only ones who are experiencing changes.


In 2021, in fact, Aston Martin will stop being a partner company of Red Bull and will “absorb” the Racing Point, becoming a team on its own. The team does not have financial problems, with the billionaire Stroll at its back and it is forming a very competitive set of leaders.

It is official, in fact, that Andy Palmer will leave his mansion of Chief Officer at the end of this season, to make space for someone who comes from Mercedes: Tobias Moers.

He is in fact the CEO of Mercedes AMG and will now start his new job for Aston Martin on August 1st.

The Board has determined that now is the time for new leadership to deliver our plans”, the company revealed to the ‘Financial Times’.

Even if  the Formula 1 track action is still frozen, the market is not and it is going towards a new and yet unpredictable 2021 season.

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