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Zecchi warns Renault on Alonso: "You risk provoking a revolution"

The former Ferrari boss has warned Renault saying that a revolution would happen if they sign Alonso after firing over 15,000 employees.

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Zecchi warns Renault on Alonso: "You risk provoking a revolution"
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The drivers’ market for the 2021 season started a few weeks ago. That season will be one of the busiest in terms of driver movements from one team to another. Recall that Sebastian Vettel announced his departure from Ferrari, a team with which he arrived since 2014 trying to achieve his fifth world championship with them, however, this was not possible. There are rumours that Seb could go to Mercedes since this brand would be willing to sign him as he is German and the brand too, which would be a very good marketing strategy, but there are people who say that having two drivers (a four-time world champion and a six-time world champion) would be to have two roosters in a cage which would result in a very severe headache for the team, its managers and even for the drivers. With this news, a seat in Ferrari was free and the two candidates who were competing to obtain it were Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo, later it was announced that the Spaniard, current McLaren driver, Carlos Sainz, will be the teammate of Charles Leclerc in the Italian team for the 2021 season. Daniel Ricciardo is said to have been unhappy with the Italians' decision, however, after a poor start with Renault and without obtaining the promised results, the Australian driver announced his departure from the French team in order to go to McLaren, taking the seat that Sainz left. It is expected that the pair of McLaren drivers, which will be conformed of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, will be one of the strongest on the grid, apart from being one of the most entertaining. With the departure of Daniel from Renault, many rumours have started to come out of the candidates for that second seat in the French team. Some people say that Seb will come to Renault and will be Esteban Ocon's teammate, however, there are people who comment that Fernando Alonso will return to the team with which he won his two world championships. In this article, we will talk about what would happen if Renault signs Fernando Alonso.

The first thing to consider is the pandemic that the world is currently experiencing. The Covid-19 has caused many international and local companies to be in trouble, financially speaking, so they have decided to cut staff. We saw that last week McLaren had to lay off about 25% of its workforce and many other teams have been taking action, including Renault. The French team said last week that they will remain in the top motorsport’s category, despite making cuts worth about $ 2 billion, in addition to including laying off about 15,000 employees. This last data is the one that Marco Andrea Zecchi, former Ferrari boss, took as his main argument to comment on a possible revolution in the team if they ever sign Fernando Alonso.

"If you fire people and spend a lot of money to sign Alonso, you run the risk of provoking a revolution. Unions can ask why the company is laying off workers.” Zecchi commented to "L’Equipe"

Zecchi believes that if the call to sign Alonso works out for Renault, the French team would be free of any kind of problem regarding the workers who lost their jobs, since the team is facing a stage of complete restructuring , it encompasses both their workforce and the drivers who will compete for them.

"If during the management meeting, Renault presents its economic plan by insisting on the group's desire to relaunch and promote the brand, produce electric models and the need to have a new ambassador in the person of Alonso, it may be easier for him be accepted. ” Zecchi expressed.

Another news that came to light last week was that Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul accepted that they are seriously considering Fernando Alonso as an option to replace Daniel Ricciardo. What do you think about this? Do you think Renault would be doing well if they sign the Spaniard?

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