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BREAKING: F1 announces the official new schedule for the first eight races

Formula 1 just released the new schedule on the first eight Grands Prix of the season… and it is official

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BREAKING: F1 announces the official new schedule for the first eight races
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Formula 1 is really about to start. It seems like the extra long “winter break” that the pandemic has caused is about to end up, leaving space to a new season.

The 2020 one is not going to be a “normal one” in this case either, though. The new official schedule, in fact, refers only to the first eight races of the season and they have assured that the remaining Grands Prix will have their dates as well, but in the close future.

 Let’s begin to have a look at the first one of this revised schedule and let’s cross our finger we are doing this for the last time.

All the events are, by now, the ones that have to take place in Europe. They are going to be held at closed doors, in a higly-protected and closely monitored situation of the planned “bio-sphere”.


The first Grand Prix of the 2020 season will be on the 5th  of July in Austria, as we already now and later on the second one will be held in the Red Bull Circuit as well on the following Sunday, the 12th of July.

The third race will take place for the third consecutive Sunday in Budapest and the Hungarian GP’s date is set to the 19th  of July.

Now the Formula 1 staff can breathe- not too much- before heading to Great Britain, where they will find another double race waiting for them. The first race to be raced in Silverstone is on the week-end that bridges from July to August, from the 31st  of July to the 2nd of August.

Obviously, there is not going to be any summer break for the teams on this season and the races will go on through August as well. The second British GP will have its chance to race on the 9th of August. Then the Circus will move to Barcelona for the Spanish GP on the 16th of August and later on there will be the Belgian GP on the 30th of August.

The last planned Grand Prix of this schedule is the Italian GP that is set on the 6th of September.

Please don’t say it too loud, but it seems we are almost back.


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