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The 5-step plan of Formula 1 to go back racing

After the 8-race calendar was confirmed a few hours ago, the FIA and Formula 1 has presented their 5-step plan so that the covid-19 is not present in the paddock.

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The 5-step plan of Formula 1 to go back racing
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After a failed start to the 2020 Formula 1 season in Melbourne, Australia, we can very happily say that the sport we love so much will be back on the weekend of 3-5 July for the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring . A few hours ago, the calendar with the first 8 races of the 2020 F1 season was confirmed by the FIA ​​and fans are already preparing to see the cars again on the track. The pandemic caused by the virus of Chinese origin called covid-19 caused the season to be delayed from March to July. It was an awfully long wait, however, there are 33 days left. To prevent the virus from appearing in the paddock, either on the circuit personnel, teams, organizers or even drivers, Formula 1 will implement a 5-step plan to avoid anything related to this situation. In this article we will explain everything that this plan consists of.

1.- Regular Testing

Absolutely all the people who will be present at the event must take a test of covid-19. F1 will use private medical equipment to conduct the tests. Only people who have had a negative test result may attend the event. It should be noted that the tests are going to be applied just before traveling to the country where the Grand Prix will be held, there will also be at the entrance of the circuit and not only the team members will have to take the test, but also the marshals, employees working on the circuit, FIA employees, etc.

2.- Events behind closed doors

The option that the first 8 races that have just been confirmed are open to spectators, guests or partners is not being considered. The European continent has been the most affected by the pandemic, so it would be extremely irresponsible to expose all the fans who want to attend so that they can catch the virus. The top motorsports category hopes that fans can be back in the grandstands as soon as possible, however this decision will be made once the things have settled down, once is secure and there is no threat of possible infection.

3.- Minimum personnel

There will be a considerable reduction in the personnel that will be authorized to travel and be present at the event. This reduction will be made in all possible aspects, that is, team members, organizers, marshals, FIA employees, race control and even in the team that is responsible for broadcasting the event on television. The staff who are going to attend will also be asked not to interact with other people and to stay if possible, in their team's hospitalities.

4.- Isolated travel

Everyone who will attend the event will travel in an isolated way, that is, there will be many hotels where F1 staff will be so that there is the least contact between them. It should be noted that before leaving their country of origin, each person must have their virus test done and with a negative result. The personnel that is attending to the event is expected to move privately to the circuit, airports, hotels, etc.

5.- Social distancing

Social distancing measures will be present in the paddock and in the Formula 1 event so that there is the least contact between people. Certain parts of the Grand Prix, such as the podium, the national anthem ceremony, interviews with drivers, etc, will be modified so that these measures can continue to be carried out.

All the measurements will be carried out from the first Grand Prix to be held until at least the last one that was confirmed a few hours ago. The FIA, Formula 1 and all of us are eager for us to see the fastest cars in the world on the track again, however, for this to happen, these measures must be 100% fulfilled.

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