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F1 considers tyre compound swap for double headers

F1 is looking for some 'salt and pepper' to add some surprises and drama at the second headers events already in programme

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F1 considers tyre compound swap for double headers
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With the calendar announced, the focus of Liberty Media is now at work to districate the potential double sword of having 2 events so close one weekend after other: while it is an opportunity for both sponsors, partners, organizers and teams to save a season which can be regarded one of the toughest of all time; but if the second race on the same circuit will be run with the same setup, tyres and data collected seven days before, what could avoid a photocopy of the classement?

Ross Brawn proposed earlier in the pandemic spread the reverse qualifying grid for the second race, obtaining a solid refusal from Toto Wolff Mercedes' boss:

Toto was quite frank in the meeting. 'We're in what we think is the best competitive position, we're chasing seven world championship, why would I give up that opportunity I have? Because this proposal will put me in a far more difficult position'. And I understood that and respected it. I wish that he would have taken a bigger view, but he didn't.

Both Mercedes and Ferrari next week will return on track for some tests to get ready for the beginning of the season. Leclerc and Vettel will run in fiorano, while Hamilton and Bottas at Silverstone.

The main aspects to take into account is making sure that teams won't leave Friday's track empty for having enough data already collected and available: there's the need of having always some cars lapping around and avoiding a situation already experienced back some years ago in qualifying; some teams were reluctant to get into Q2 or Q3 for saving an extra 4 wheels available for race.

Finding a solution that won't upset teams, even a light one but necessary to engage fans is still work in progress:

We're kicking it around at the moment. It's possible there will be nothing, but if we can do something just to liven up that second race, it will be a good thing

Changing the tyre compounds available for the second race could be such a solution feasible and working?

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