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Why reverse grids are not a good idea for the sport

Here I talked about why reverse grids are a hostile idea for F1 drivers and fans.

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Why reverse grids are not a good idea for the sport
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The idea of the reverse grida was introduced in October last year to implement in the 2020 season. This plan was F1's format as a trial afterward but due coronavirus pandemic, in the beginning, this year has messed up the whole season. 
However, the 2020 season starts from Austrian GP with a double header, as this abnormal season will become a small appetizer before 2021. Not the typical season everyone wished for, thanks to Coronavirus
Teams have reached an agreement on a spending cap and development limitation system thankfully, or else, they would be facing severe financial issues.
Scrap the Qualifying for the Second Race
Let's break down why the reverse-grid idea has no powerful harmony with an F1 driver's mind as many of them have rejected the idea of the sprint race which is shorter than the actual F1 race (only 30 min) but on Saturday at the (Qualifying Day) with a grid ordered in reverse championship standings of last year, the results of that race would then set the grid for the Grand Prix on Sunday.
Motorlat has asked the three top qualifiers of the Singaporean GP (Leclerc, Hamilton, and Vettel) last year at the post-qualifying press conference, asking about their views of the reverse grid.
Singapore pole-sitter Leclerc said that he wouldn't be happy with it and would be happy more starting from P1. "I don't think it's the solution for the Formula 1" while 6-times world champion Lewis Hamilton slammed the whole idea by saying "Look at the people who proposed that don't really know what they are talking about"
On the other side, Sebastian Vettel slammed it strongly believing that gimmicks like reverse grids were not the kind of solution that F1 was in need of.

"I think it is complete bullshit, to be honest," he said. 
"I think we know that if we want to improve things it is very clear we need to string the field more together, we need to have better racing. It is just a plaster." 
"I don't know which genius came up with it, but it is not the solution. It is completely the wrong approach." Vettel said.
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is against the introduction of reverse grids where Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has welcomed and supported the idea of the reverse grid. "And I think that [having] the sprint race only on the second race weekend on the same circuit would have been a solution," Binotto said 
“So, yes, it was us; we said this is not the time to experiment with things that, interestingly, didn’t even have the support of the Formula 1 fans’ community, because in a survey only 15 percent expressed an interest in reverse grids,” Wolff said. 
In my opinion, I'd say reverse grid qualifying race would kill the excitement of the sport because F1 is about speed and who's the fastest after all and who has the most advanced car boosted with the latest technology, not who has been survived starting from the last grid, F1 is the pinnacle of the motorsport with the finest engineers and finest drivers.

I know they want to bring more excitement as they want to make small teams celebrate on the podium on Sundays, but that's not a great idea, especially in such circuits like Monaco for example, It's not fair because of the lack of passing opportunities. It also has disadvantages of the big teams financially as I believe that a race which was built up with a reverse-grid style would face a lot of car damages while passing each other on the first corner and second. 
And the most eminently is losing the most IMPORTANT ingredient of Formula 1 which is setting the fastest lap in Q3, meaning hanging the qualifying off the sport. Something kills the vibes to wake up on Saturdays mornings to catch up on the qualifying. 

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