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Honda's F1 operations not affected by cyber attack

The Honda company was hit by a cyber attack that affected their operations in most countries without touching the Formula 1 sector.

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Honda's F1 operations not affected by cyber attack
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Honda under cyber attack!

Yesterday it was announced that the Japanese company has been the victim of a threatening cyber attack on its servers, thus causing problems for the employees who used them and, moreover, causing the suspension of some production vehicles in locations outside Japan.

As for their production of power units for Formula 1, a spokesman announced that production is proceeding "smoothly" and everything seems ready for the coveted restart of the 2020 Formula 1 season.

Based on what the company spokesman said, the problem that arose was affecting the main servers and unable the employees to access its internal systems. It seems that the problem comes from outside and has spread throughout the network.

"There is also an impact on production systems outside of Japan,

"Work is being undertaken to minimise the impact and to restore full functionality of production, sales and development activities" he added.

The UK-based Honda company suspended work following suspension of operations at other locations in Italy, Turkey, North America and Japan.

Cyber security experts have deduced that it is a ransomware attack and this means that those who hacked the system may have obtained encrypted data and could lock the company out of some of its IT systems.

According to the company, however, the impact of the virus is minimal and no data has been violated.

Morgan Wright, chief security advisor at security firm Sentinel One, he stated that it could be an Ekans ransomware, therefore an attack on the networks of control systems.

It seems that the hackers used COVID-19 to trick their victims into downloading damaged files.

The ransomware attacks seem to be multiple and as the analysis of the Beazley company states, the cases of the victims of this cyber attack reach 25% compared to last year.

In addition, Katherine Keefe, of the Beazley company, said: "Cyber criminals are preying on people's heightened anxiety during this pandemic, tricking them into clicking and sharing links that steal information.

"Organisations must ensure their security systems and protocols are up to date and ensure that colleagues working from home are extra vigilant."

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