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Ross Brawn: “Reverse grid races are still on the table for 2021”

After the release of the calendar for the opening 8 races after the pandemic, Ross Brawn reflects on the future developments and upgrades to the plan.

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Ross Brawn: “Reverse grid races are still on the table for 2021”
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By now September 6 is the last weekend of F1 racing with the new released calendar: double headers, cancellations and closed doors are what has happened after having expected during quarantine period.

But now, Ross Brawn and his group of work is getting their minds forward, after the last race scheduled by now, Monza.

With the cancellations of Baku, Singapore and Suzuka, the rebus is becoming even bigger: replace the races and finding the tracks available is the next target of Brawn’s 'hot' summer.

We have lots of different options and we’re very confident we’re going to have a great second half of the season, but there is no point making the statement yet as there are still some moving parts we need to put together

Interviewed on RTL, Helmut Marko had a word on Sebastian Vettel's situation and on the German’s future.

said to Formula1.com; plan is to settle Bahrain and Abu Dhabi as the last races in order to close the season that could (better, it needs) be the juiciest of the year. With Yas Marina far happy to keep the last weekend spot, for Sakhir circuit the option could be a double header with a different layout, very fast:

There’s a nice sort of almost oval track that would be quite exciting, and all the layouts have a Grade 1 licence with the FIA, so that is an option in the pocket

Ultimately, the reverse grid and the dropped points themes. The first theme is still on the table for 2021: the impression is that after the negative answer from Mercedes for the current season, Liberty Media wants to impose the change for next year.

The dropped points proposal has been rejected due to the gamesmanship that squads could manage in order to take an advantage:

We did talk at one stage of feasibility of perhaps dropping one or two results […]. The problem with that is the teams […] might find they get to a race where they aren’t likely to score point because they are having problems, so they decide not to finish

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