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Where is Vettel’s talent? Webber blames it on a lack of motivation

Former Red Bull driver Mark Webber believes that Vettel did not give his very best during these years in Ferrari.

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Where is Vettel’s talent? Webber blames it on a lack of motivation
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Sebastian Vettel’s blurry performances are not a mystery for anyone. The four-time World Champion with red Bull, in fact, seems to have turned off his special talent and winning attitude from the day he entered Ferrari.

Many were the reason given to these delusional performances. For some, the German won all those Formula 1 titles only because he was racing with an “irregular” car, while other said that maybe Vettel could have lost his hunger for winning.

One that recently decided to speak about the Ferrari driver is his former team-mate in Red Bull Mark Webber. Who remembers them together may feel surprised because in the past the same Webber had talked very bad with Vettel, who was young and full of talent and who out-performed the Australian many and many times.


Webber revealed that he feels that Sebastian Vettel have not lost his “hunger” but he simply lost his motivation while he is racing in Ferrari.

There is to say that Sebastian Vettel proved his talent while growing up during all his career and a talent like his could not be vanished all in once. On the other hand, he was called to an important task, bringing back the World title in Maranello, who is missing since 2007, when it was won by Kimi Raikkonen.


Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, does not respond to the traditional prototype of the cold German. He is very sensible and a perfectionist and when the first time in Ferrari didn’t bring the awaited results and the Tifosi, along with the team members began to criticize him, he lost every inch of motivation and entered a negative spiral that had slowly destroyed all his enthusiasm to be dressed in a red suit.

In conclusion, it is not correct to define Vettel an ended chapter for Formula 1 – or a “boiled one”, as Italian people call with those delusional drivers who ended their winning career and do not retire yet. He just needs a new start, with people who fully appreciate him and give him the space to turn back stronger than before.

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