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Track and Trace app and a new code of conduct will be introduced in the paddock

Against the still present threat of COVID-19, the FIA has developed safety standards that will minimize the risk of contagion within the racing environment.

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Track and Trace app and a new code of conduct will be introduced in the paddock
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After the terrible event occurred in Melbourne that cost the Australian Grand Prix, during which a member of the McLaren team tested positive for COVID-19, the FIA has developed health security measures to be able to carry on the definitive schedule of the 2020 Formula 1 season.

In addition to the new "Code of Conduct" that all participants in the Formula 1 event must adhere to to minimize the possibility of bringing the virus into the automotive environment, the FIA said that there is development work for a tracking app created specifically for current needs and will be used exclusively by racing staff.

It is an accurate program with regards to managing closeness between people.

FIA security director Adam Baker has announced that the entire governing body hopes that the app can prevent a possibility of canceling another event if there is another positive coronavirus test.

During the FIA's eConference 2020, Baker said: "One of the key areas in holding a successful event, and learning the hard lessons from Melbourne, is in having precise contact tracing, and then having a rapid testing capability so we can accurately determine people who may have been affected.

"Those people can then be quickly quarantined, and then they can be quickly tested, and released from quarantine if they're found to be negative."

The Track and Trace apps, which connected to mobile phones allow you to reveal who you have been in close contact with, have been launched all over the world.

As for the car racing environment, the risk of being with other people in a confined space is very high and therefore the measures that F1 needs will have to be technologically more developed.

"We reviewed what was available for contact tracing solutions and we quickly came to the conclusion that we would need to have something which was specifically designed for motorsport events.

"In particular, we wanted to have an adjustable sensitivity, which was not available in anything we had access to." Baker added.

"We also wanted to have the ability to verify test results, before they were entered into the system, to prevent any type of misuse or accidents that could cause groups to be locked in or confined into quarantine when in fact they hadn't been in contact with anyone who was infected.

"Then we also needed to address concerns in regard to data protection laws, which has been done in the development of this solution. This work is being done with the intent that it will be made available to particular ASNs [National Sporting Authorities] for use in their own competitions."

As far as the "Code of Conduct" is concerned, the FIA has expressed the seriousness with which it manages this situation by imposing this code on all participants of the race.

The code, which is a set of rules that each individual must comply with, will be exposed and legally enforced on Friday by the FIA World Motor Sport Council. If someone does not respect these rules, they could be subject to a penalty.

Baker said: "It defines clearly in writing the responsibilities of the event attendees and it provides for us an enforceable legal framework that allows us to facilitate action by the FIA against anyone who does not apply or practice the required mitigation measures.

"To do that, we have had to extend the regulatory authority defined to everyone attending the event. It allows us to establish a structure on sites, where we group attendees, so they can be represented collectively by organizations, or other entities."

In addition, the Code of Conduct will be included in an appendix to the FIA International Sporting Code.

Guidelines for racing event organizers on how to deal with this situation have been published by the FIA.

"For us, in particular, the main challenge is cars shared by more than one competitor. And we do hope to have that work finished and published in around three weeks time, so by the third of July." Baker added.

The interest was mainly focused on closed circuit sprint events, while the scope of rally and endurance events remains unknown.

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