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Mugello has “never been so close to hosting an F1 race”

The mayor of Florence Nardella explained that there is a real chance to host a Formula 1 GP at the Mugello Circuit, an event that would remain in the history of the Italian circuit

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Mugello has “never been so close to hosting an F1 race”
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Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence, said that for the first time in the history of Formula 1 there is a real possibility for the Mugello Circuit to host a Grand Prix. This special event could take place because of the difficult situation caused by the epidemic of Coronavirus, that forced many countries, such as Monaco, Singapore and France, to cancel their races.

"A second Formula 1 Grand Prix in Italy is ​​practically certain", said Dario Nardella. "So we will offer it for the first time for an event that would be historic, postponed in the annals of the world motor sport but also in the history of Florence".

"Fingers crossed. Never have we come so close to the possibility of having Formula 1 in Florence and the Mugello circuit".

What is sure is that the Formula 1 2020 season will start in Austria, the 5th of July. The first half of the season will bring eight races in only ten weeks. The second half of the season, on the contrary, is not already scheduled. Because of this situation, the Mugello circuit could become part of the F1 calendar.

The ipotetical race at the Mugello circuit would take place a week later the Monza GP, in order to make the travels less hard for the teams, that in this season will be called to run many races in a very short period of time.

However, the Mugello GP is not already a certainty. Russia, infact, seems to have proposed to Formula 1 to host another race in their country as well.

in the meantime, Daniel Riciardo on his Instagram profile showed all his excitement concerning the possibility for the Mugello circuit to host the Great Circus. And also it's important to underline that this race would fall exactly on the 1000th GP in Formula 1 for Ferrari. An event that would be really nice to be celebrated in Italy.


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