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The new routine in F1 garages explained by Racing Point

The FIA has put forward special rules of pit crew operations. 

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The new routine in F1 garages explained by Racing Point
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Andrew Green, the Racing Point Formula 1 technical director, told how will the team's work on the cars in the garage look like now. As he said, first of all the FIA will check the social distancing between workers and PPE requirements.

"It's very different, and it's going to be a real challenge going forward," said Green.

"It's basically down to respecting the distance between engineers when they are working on the car, and the type of personal protection they have to wear."

"That effectively changes the time it takes to do jobs on the car. Certain jobs now take a lot longer, and we have to manage that. We only have a certain amount of time trackside to work on the car when we're in a race environment, and we have curfews in place."

"So we have to now look at how long it takes to change and modify parts on the car that we would normally do, reschedule them so we make sure that we are doing what we're doing what we need to do during a race weekend, and not contravening the curfew regulations," Green added.

In addition, Andrew notes that working under the new rules will take more time for the entire team, which entails certain consequences.

For example, one of the biggest issues now that the unscheduled power unit changes will be much harder, what could mean a driver misses an afternoon session if he has a technical problem in the morning.

This also includes the fact that now drivers need to be more careful on the track, as the car repair will take longer, which can also cause a driver to miss any session.

"We've got two drivers who should be aware that if they do go off during a practice session and do a lot of damage it potentially could take a lot longer to repair. I think they'll be well aware of that," said Green.

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