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FIA and F1 announce new measures to make the sport more inclusive and diverse

Formula 1 with the FIA have announced some new measures to fight racism and discrimination, these new measures will help the sport to be a more inclusive sport and people from under-represented groups can have an opportunity to race or work in Formula 1.

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FIA and F1 announce new measures to make the sport more inclusive and diverse
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The recent events that have been taking place around the world concerning discrimination and racism have led various companies and large-scale organizations to implement certain measures to combat these aspects that affect society. In this sport, Formula 1 has announced the creation of the initiative called "We Race as One" which aims to encourage the diversity of people who is set to be in the highest category of motorsport, as well as combat any type of discriminatory act or racist within this organization. It should be noted that this initiative also aims to fight the virus that has caused the pandemic that the world is currently experiencing, that is, the fight against covid-19. Today, Formula 1 has announced that more strategies have been implemented to combat everything already mentioned.

All the measures that have been announced through these last days have the purpose of improving the long-term future of this sport thanks to the creation of a much more inclusive and diverse culture to attract young talents who currently do not have the financial possibilities to reach that level of motorsport, but it is not only about drivers, but there is also more diversity of people in commercial, digital, corporate, technical roles, among others. Regarding the solution that Formula 1, together with the FIA, have decided for more drivers can form their way to F1 is that the barriers to entry to karting, which is the fundamental first step for all those drivers who want to get there to F1, to be identified and eliminated in a systematic way.

The second measure to be implemented will be the creation of a task force which will be dedicated to listen to all the proposals to make the sport much more inclusive. This team will also identified the highest amount of barriers that prevent people from getting to work or drive in this category or its inferiors, such as Formula 2, they will also work on the opportunities for employment and education in F1 for all individuals belonging to under-represented groups. The people who will make up this team will be experts in diversity and inclusion who will be external to F1 but will also work with the drivers and teams so that they can provide some solutions.

The third measure will be the financing of collaborations between Formula 1 and the under-represented groups so that their members can have the opportunity to reach their full potential and have access to a timely and promising professional career in the sport. The money will be raised throughout the season with various dynamics; however, the first economic contribution was made by Formula 1’s president and CEO, Chase Carey, of a million dollars.

“We fully recognise that Formula 1 needs to be more inclusive and diverse. That is why we will establish a Task Force to listen and ensure the right initiatives are identified to increase diversity in Formula 1. We want to ensure we give people from all backgrounds the best chances to work in Formula 1 regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical abilities.” Commented F1’s CEO, Chase Carey. “We are therefore also taking the initial step of creating a foundation to support key educational and employment opportunities across Formula 1 that will give under-represented talent the chance to work in this incredible sport and build an exciting career.”

It can be seen that Formula 1 is doing everything possible to make its sport as inclusive and diverse as possible and that speaks well of that organization and also of the FIA. Let us hope that all the solutions and strategies they are taking are the correct ones and bear the expected results.

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