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All anti-Covid-19 rules for F1’s restart

Masks, Zoom meetings and 'social bubbles': only a few of all the changes that the championship will undertake for the season restart.

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All anti-Covid-19 rules for F1’s restart
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F1 prepares the engines for being warmed up out in the drizzling air of the Styrian Alps. But only the track activity will be the same, with the entire number of the other operations to be drastically changed and adapted to the pandemic countermeasures. Let's see each one of them as Motorsport.com reported.

Keep the circuits' doors closed

Public won't be allowed in the circuits; at least until the first events already planned. Presence of teams, as known, will be affected too, with no more than 80 people per team: same solution for the media presence, with only a selected number of journalists allowed.

'Social bubbling'

The main feature is probably the system of a track-and-trace app, specifically developed for the F1 paddock: it will be necessary in the case of an outbreak inside one of the squads. The method adopted in the prevention of a virus spread is the one of 'bubbling': is intended as keeping the teams distanced and group them into groups divided by job performed. A COVID-19 negative test each 5 days of travel and the ban of mixing with other teams are also in place.

Formula 1 with the FIA have announced some new measures to fight racism and discrimination, these new measures will help the sport to be a more inclusive sport and people from under-represented groups can have an opportunity to race or work in Formula 1.

Extra garage work allowed

FIA has allowed extra working hours for the garage duties: with protocols and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) weared the times for every inspection, maintenance and rebuild are said to have doubled; now each competitor has 1 more hour of work on Thursday and Friday evening, with the curfew lowered from nine to eight hours.

Equal tyres types

There won't be a tyre choice as in the 2019: teams now cannot choose how many rubbers they want for each type, but have to stick to two sets of hard, three of mediums, and eight softs. Pirelli annpuncement of the compounds will come at least 15 days before the event, with the experimental tyres to be used in the first half hour of the FP2.

Pre and post race activities

The lack of public has undermined all the activities made for it before and after the race. The parade on the F1 truck and the final trophy presentation podium will be withdraw: interviews in front of the garages may be taking place for ensuring the pre competition excitement in the fans. The grid procedure is likely to be revised with less personnel allowed for each car, with tyres fitted 5 minutes before the "lights out". Same story for the eventual rehearsals of drivers in front of the officials: Zoom could be used for a digital meeting.

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