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Ferrari will race without aerodynamic updates in the first two races of 2020

Mattia Binotto has announced that the Italian team will not bring an updated package to both of the races at the Red Bull Ring and their aim is to race with the set up they used during the winter tests.

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Ferrari will race without aerodynamic updates in the first two races of 2020
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The start of the 2020 Formula 1 season is about to take place. The Austrian Grand Prix is set to be carried out this weekend from July 3rd to July 5th. The Red Bull Ring will be the perfect scenario for a lot of teams so they can start getting good amounts of points. Since neither the FIA nor Formula 1 have announced the complete calendar for the season, the drivers must perform well to make sure they are able to fight for a good position in both, drivers’ and constructors’ championships. Red Bull seems to be the favourite team to win the Grand Prix, but Mercedes is not going to let them win. Ferrari also has a fast car, and in this article, we are going to talk about their mentality concerning the Austrian Grand Prix and how is their car concerning technical matters.

The Italian team has announced that they will not introduce any aerodynamic updates since they want to take a major change of direction so they can find more performance from the SF1000 without any updates. Another reason is that the new updates will not be ready for the first two races, which both of them are going to be held in the Red Bull Ring. Let’s remember that the FIA told the teams that they couldn’t be able to work on their respective factories due to the obligatory shutdown caused by the global pandemic. This compromised the work pace in Ferrari’s factory, and they did not finish the complete aerodynamic updated package. Ferrari’s team principal, Mattia Binotto, said that it would have been counterproductive to pursue the original car concept that proved disappointing in testing.

“This weekend, the car will race in the same configuration used towards the end of the Barcelona tests. This doesn’t mean we have been twiddling our thumbs in the very limited time of just five and a half weeks in which we were able to work on the cars, because of the stringent procedures involved in working around the pandemic as well as the total shutdown of activities.” Expressed the Italian.

“The truth is that the outcome of the tests led us to take a significant change of direction in terms of development, especially on the aerodynamic front.” Binotto commented. Last year, Ferrari had one of the most powerful, if not the most, engines in the grid but their main issue was the lack of aerodynamic and in circuits in which they needed a lot of aerodynamic, their car didn’t performed well, that is why they are focusing on that side.

“First, we had to understand why we did not see the results we had expected on track and how much to recalibrate the whole programme as a result. It would have been counterproductive to continue in the direction we had planned, knowing that we would not have reached our goals. Our aim is to introduce the updates at the third race on 19 July at the Hungaroring.” Mattia affirmed.

“We know that, at the moment, we don’t have the fastest package. We knew it before heading for Melbourne and that has not changed. In Austria, we must try and make the most of every opportunity and then in Hungary, with the new development step we are working on, we will be able to see where we are really compared to the others.”  

A lot of people think that this is not a good call from Ferrari since they will have to struggle with Mercedes and Red Bull who are going to bring an updated aerodynamic package since the very first Grand Prix of the season. This call has two possible results, the first one is the one we have already said but there is still the possibility of having a fast car even though the team hasn’t the updates yet and when they use them, the Italian team might be even quicker. What do you think of this interesting call?

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