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F1 | Ferrari disaster at the Styrian GP

Ferrari is going from bad to worse at the Styrian GP as Leclerc crashed into Vettel in first lap of the race

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F1 | Ferrari disaster at the Styrian GP
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Vettel was in 11th position and Leclerc in 14th after the penalty for hindering Kvyat yesterday in qualifying.

The two Ferraris started well and in turn 3 Leclerc was right behind his teammate, in the middle of a scrum of cars looking to find his place and win positions. When taking Turn 3, Leclerc tried to overtake Vettel, climbed onto the inside kerb and took off into Vettel's rear wing, leaving the german's car completely wrecked.

The crash caused Safety Car on the track. Leclerc has entered the pits to change his front wing which has also been damaged and Vettel has entered just behind to abandon the race. On the other hand, a lap later the Monegasque has also abandoned with very damaged car. Race Direction has noted the incident, but it has been settled without consequences.


A grotesque image without a doubt. Ferrari is showing to the world that everything is a problem for them, not only with its own car but also among its own drivers. A double DNF that is a disaster for the team.

Leclerc has been very optimistic in this situation. He has seen a small chance of overtaking and it has gone wrong. The problem is that you can't attack your teammate with that fierceness because you play with the whole team. The gap was non-existent having in count that there were many cars trying to make the turn at the same time. Vettel have nowhere to go, he was taking the corner and he had a Haas just to his left.

According to statements by those involved just after the incident, Leclerc has acknowledged his guilt and has in fact apologized to his team


Fangio once said: "You can't win a race on the first lap, but you can loose it"

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