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F1 | RUMOUR: Is there a spy story behind the problems of the SF1000?

A secret, and illegal, espionage operation made after Leclerc's win in Monza last year, could be the reason of the poor competitiveness of Ferrari this year.

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F1 | RUMOUR: Is there a spy story behind the problems of the SF1000?
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The italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported today an interesting story about the problems of the SF1000. Ferrari, they write, is so slow because of a spy story that tooke place last year that led THE FIA to investigate their power unit.

After Leclerc's victory in 2019 at the Italian GP, ​​obtained by using a very powerful engine on the straights, Ferrari’s competetors (Mercedes? Red Bull?) began an industrial espionage operation, with the complicity of someone who knew the greatest secrets of Ferrari, and who remain unknown.

To reveal that is a technician of the International Federation (FIA) who claims anonymity while telling how FIA’s investigation on Ferrari’s power unit started because of this leak from a rival team. With some contradictions since the way to obtain that information was illegal.

The main problem inside the regulations is the following: FIA itself is aware that all motorists operate beyond the limit with minimal risks. In any case, the information sent to FIA was used to impose a "secret" compromise with Maranello, with the consequent elimination of a series of developments, labelled from that point as irregular. The aerodynamic troubles that the two Ferrari are now showing are the result of that agreement.

In practice, a step back of dozens of horsepower which made the design of the car inadequate since it was made for a more powerful engine. That forced the Ferrari engineers to restart the draw of the car with a "clean" engine. According to many insiders, Ferrari’s one is the only "clean" engine in the grid today.

Because the background of this story shows how impossible it is for the Federation to really verify what is happening in the factories of the F1 teams. Evidence is needed to determine an infringement. And these ones can only emerge if someone spies or confesses.

What happened on the engine front is similar to the Racing Point theme. F1 drivers smile at the idea that it was possible to copy the Mercedes 2019 using photos. We are talking about details of very sophisticated components. Yet FIA is aware of the earthquake that could generate a data transfer scandal, that also would involve the world champion team. On the other hand, if Racing Point will come out unscathed, there is the risk that in 2022 all the teams linked to Mercedes could go to the track with identical and very fast cars. We are speaking about McLaren and Williams, as well as Racing Point. We can say that at stake is the credibility of the entire F1.

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