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F1 | British GP | Silverstone's race between Norris' helmet and Mercedes' invincible car

The drivers’ press conference opens the way to the first race in Silverstone.

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F1 | British GP | Silverstone's race between Norris' helmet and Mercedes' invincible car
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Thursday is officially the “Media day” for Formula 1 drivers and today the traditional press conference opens the way to the first race in Silverstone. On next Sunday, we always like to remember the next dates, there will be another Formula 1 Grand Prix always on this historical and fascinating track. But let’s let the drivers do the talk.

Charles Leclerc takes the hint for talking about the tricky and very disappointing situation of the Prancing Horse. The Monegasque looks very determined to show his affection toward his team. He declares that he cannot obviously feel satisfied about this year results but he is not about to give up.

The Ferrari driver reveals that he feels more “motivated” than “frustrated”, as he knows that Ferrari still needs a great amount of work that is still to do and he wants to be there and do his best to show the first progresses.

On the other hand there is Vettel, who’s living a totally different situation. The German talks about the sport he loves adopting a new point of view : the one of a fan.

The eldest Ferrari driver says that he will obviously do what he can to be still on the grid for the next season and, though he has an important age his physical level is not very different that it was when he was younger and he still has lot to give in Formula 1.

Another important topic was the confirmation of three Grands Prix in Italy and Giovinazzi said he was enthusiast of it.

The true star of this press conference, though, was Lando Norris. The young Breton, in fact, has shown some great performance and he is about to race his home Grand Prix on a British single-seater too. He and George Russell are very happy about it. What conquers his fan, though, is Norris’ sweet and loving personality. The McLaren driver is going to race with a helmet which is designed by a six-year old fan of his.

Talking about Williams, George Russell looks very confident on his car’s performance here at his home race and he wishes heartily to race an amazing performance just like he did in Austria.

Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, focuses on the importance of Silverstone’s audience. The Spaniard recalls the last year edition, so full of life with the fantastic crowd and he added that this year it would be sad to race without fans.

The Mercedes’ drivers were asked a very tricky question: does W11 has any weaknesses at all? There was a very meaningful silence. Hamilton that admitted that his car was “pretty good”. Bottas said that there are some details who could be improved, though. He stresses some slow-fast corners, in which Red Bull is better.

Talking about Red Bull, Alex Albon highlights the importance of Silverstone in Formula 1. It is among every driver favourites circuits indeed, as it’s a very fast track, with a lot of G-force. Max Verstappen is focused on the race rather than on the atmosphere and he said that Red Bull has all that it takes to bring a strong performance at home here, on this track.


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