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F1 British GP | Hamilton seals seventh dramatic win at Silverstone

Hamilton dominates his home race and wins with an exciting and surprising finish, Verstappen and Leclerc joining him on the podium.

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F1 British GP | Hamilton seals seventh dramatic win at Silverstone
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The activity starts with a last minute news, Nico Hulkenberg (who replaced Sergio Perez), loses the opportunity to start the race, due to mechanical problems with the car.

The cars lined up on the starting grid and the traffic lights go out to start the British Grand Prix.

Everything starts with a clean start, Leclerc and Verstappen duel on the first lap fighting for 3rd position.

A touch between Albon and Magnussen at the start of the second lap causes the Haas driver to lose control and go off track, the yellow flag goes out in sector 1 and starts a Safety Car.

The first laps pass and the Safety Car continues, Albon reports vibrations in the car, so far Sainz has gained 2 positions, placing himself in 5th place and Ricciardo has also managed to move from 8th to 5th position.

So far the first 5 positions are: Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz.

The race restarts on lap 6 and it is during lap 7 that Albon returns in exchange for tires, from medium to hard.

Race Control initiates investigation for the incident between Magnussen and Albon.

Hamilton remains in the lead, followed by Bottas at 1.5 seconds and Verstappen in 3rd position, 5 seconds off the pace.

It is in lap 13, that Kvyat loses control of the car in the Maggots' curve and goes out of the track, receiving a strong impact, which starts a new Safety Car, the cars start to stop to mount hard tires, the only one that doesn't stop is Grosjean, who stays with medium tires in the 5th position.

For the moment Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Leclerc and Grosjean are still in the lead, the laps are over and the work to remove the Alpha Tauri is continuing.

The race is re-launched on lap 19 with a duel between both McLaren and Ricciardo.

Race Control-Announces +5 second penalty for Albon, for incident with Magnussen.

Sainz begins to chase Grosjean, to win 5th position on lap 22, overtaking him on the next lap, Norris also looking to overtake him, winning 6th position from the Haas driver.

Race Control-Black and white flag for Grosjean, due to change of direction during the duel with Sainz.

Lap 28, they remain in the 1st 5 positions: Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz.

Albon stops during lap 31 to fulfil his penalty (+5) and makes a change of tyres from hard to medium.

Hamilton, stays in the lead, Bottas looks to get closer and both drivers keep doing fast laps alternately, however Bottas doesn't manage to reduce the distance.

Race Control, lap 36, a +5 second penalty is reported for Giovinazzi, for an incident during the Safety Car, the driver stops on the next lap to comply.

Grosjean stops to comply with the penalty for the incident during the overtaking attempt with Ricciardo (+5), making also his first tyre change during the whole race and putting hard tyres on him.

Lap 39, Gasly beats Vettel in 10th place, while Stroll and Ocon, remain in a duel for 8th place.

On lap 42, Bottas complains on the radio about a vibration he senses in the car and his pace starts to drop and during lap 44, he falls more than 3 seconds behind Hamilton.

The duel between Stroll and Ocon ends during lap 47, where the Renault driver wins 8th place.

Race Control-Black and white flag for Stroll

Norris refers by radio to maintaining a better pace than his partner, while Sainz reports vibrations in the car.

In a duel for ninth place, Gasly beats Stroll to the post,

Lap 50, Bottas loses the front left tyre, suffering to get to the pits, Verstappen also stops and switches to soft tyres, moving up to 2nd position, during lap 52, Sainz also has problems with the same tyre, being forced to stop and falls to 13th position.

Last minute Hamilton with problems on his front left tyre, suffers to finish the last lap, arriving at the finish line on only 3 tyres.

With a cardiac finish, Hamilton maintains the first position, Verstappen takes second place and Leclerc manages to enter the podium in third position.

British GP Race Classification

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