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F1 | Racing Point still unsure about Perez’s comeback

Team boss Szafnauer said that the Mexican driver could have another Coronavirus test on Thursday, but he will not be allowed to enter the paddock if he should result still positive to the virus

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F1 | Racing Point still unsure about Perez’s comeback
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Sergio Perez was forced to not take part of the British GP yesterday, because he resulted positive to the Coronavirus on Thursday. To replace him, Racing Point chose Nico Hulkenberg, but apparently it is not certain that Perez will be able to race either this week, for the second round at Silverstone.

We will adhere to the guidance of National Health England so we will do what they say”, said Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer. "I'm not sure if it's 10 or seven-day quarantine still today, there are conflicting reports, but we will get guidance from the right people at National Health England and follow it”.

"Even if it's only a seven-day quarantine, he still has to test negative by the COVID code of conduct that the FIA have out there, so we will endeavour to test him on Thursday, and if he's positive then he can't come into the paddock anyway".

Szafnauer underlined that Perez had two tests, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday, but that there has been a bit of confusion regarding the results of these tests.

"The little bit of confusion is because it was on that cusp and the inconclusive test was only inconclusive by FIA standards”, explained Racing Point team boss. "By National Health England standards, that inconclusive test would have been a positive, so you can look at it and say it's the National Health England standards and he was positive on Wednesday already, and on Wednesday you had to quarantine for seven days, and the 10 days that came in the following day may or may not be retroactive, that's the bit I don't know”.

"So we'll ask that question of National Health England and whatever they say, that's what we'll do, we'll comply with whatever they deem is right in this situation, but the ambiguity comes in because it was just on that transition point”.

We've got to get the answer, I don't know when, but [sporting director] Andy Stevenson has been in contact with them and they'll tell us relatively soon. I think we just need to know before next Friday, so we've got a bit of time”.

"But we want to do what's right and we'll follow their guidance for sure. We just need to have clear guidance and once we get that, we'll do what's right. Not to mention if Checo still has virus in his system, we don't want him in the paddock either”.

We've got to protect our team and everyone else in the sport and that's exactly what we'll do. So even if National Health England say it's seven days and he can come in on Thursday or Friday, we still will test him for virus in his system, and he's got to have none”, said eventually Szafnauer.

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