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F1 | 70th Anniversary GP | Max Verstappen: “Nico still deserves his place in F1”

The Red Bull driver Max Verstappen shared the opinion of his results in qualifying and also couple of words about Nico Hulkenberg’s P3. 

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F1 | 70th Anniversary GP | Max Verstappen: “Nico still deserves his place in F1”
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At the end of the session, Max took P4. Like his teammate Alex Albon, the driver faced some problems in the final segment. However, Verstappen is confident in the success of start on Hard tyres in the Sunday race.

"Starting P4 is of course not perfect but the cars in front did a good job and Q3 was pretty tricky as the wind switched around and unbalanced us a bit," Max told.

"I felt strongly about using the hard tyre for the race start as we are already on softer compounds this weekend and the medium was last week’s soft, which wasn’t great in the race and with warmer temperatures this weekend I like this option."

"I don’t know what starting on the hard tyre tomorrow will give us and it depends on the first lap and Safety Cars but hopefully it will be positive and it is at least different to everyone else in the top ten."

"It is still a long race tomorrow and our race pace is normally more competitive, we just don’t have the qualifying mode that Mercedes do. I hope the start is going to be clean and from there onwards I think we can still have a good race. The goal is still to be on the podium," Verstappen added.

Also according to the Dutch driver, Nico Hulkenberg, who replaces Sergio Perez in Racing Point in the second race weekend, is worthy of a place in the championship.

Nico Hulkenberg became the hero of the Grand Prix qualifying on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Formula 1. The German showed the third time in Silverstone and became the best driver with the exception of Mercedes drivers.

"I am also happy for Nico that he has an opportunity to show his pace," Max commented his rival’s success.

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