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F1 | Racing Point to appeal against FIA ruling

The English team informed that it will appeal against the penalty and the fine committed for have copied the desing of the brake ducts from Mercedes' car of last year

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F1 | Racing Point to appeal against FIA ruling
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Racing Point has been hit with a penalty of 15 points in the constructors' championship and a fine of 400.000 euros for have copied the design of Mercedes' 2019 brake ducts. The decision was made by FIA after the many protests raised by the rival teams of Mercedes and Racing Point.

Racing Point, however, informed FIA on Saturday that the team will for sure appeal against this decision, since they are sure to not have done anything against the regulations, which, in this matter, as last year with Ferrari's engine protests, is the real guilty because of its poor clarity and its many holes.

So the next step will be giving the case to the FIA's International Court of Appeal. Not only, in any case, is Racing Point to come out unhappy from FIA's decision, as also both Ferrari and Renault are upset because of the too kind penalty given to Racing Point. The Italian and French teams indeed claimed at least that the brake ducts concerned would have been declaired illegal for the rest of the championship. Instead Racing Point, despite the penalty and the fine, will be authorised to keep using these components.

This, in turn, brought Lawrence Stroll, boss of Racing Point and very powerful person in the paddock, to raise his voice publicly, which he does not do often, saying that their rivals are "dragging our name through the mud", and that he is ready to "take all necessary actions to prove our innocence".

Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer as well expressed his opinions about what is going on.

"The more you dig, the better off we are", Szafnauer said. "Then the judges will understand how we got to this car, how we got to the brake ducts, and overlay the regulations, and see that we were well within the regulations, when you overlay them to what the car is and what the process was".

"Wouldn’t it be nice to have clarified the points before, and not punish us for exploiting the rules as they are written? That is what Formula 1 is all about. That is what happened with the double diffuser [in 2009], when some guy in Japan literally read the rules, came up with the double diffuser that was then deemed legal".

That is what Formula 1 is, you read the rules for what they say, you also read the rules for what they don’t say. Why then go punish them?", Szafnauer told eventually.

You "read the rules for what they don't say". That's why we say that the regulations are the real guilty and should be completely revised in order to avoid this kind of problems, that are nothing but poison for the credibility of the entire Formula 1.

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