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F1 | Spanish GP | Abiteboul: "Racing Point must lose all points of the events that have been protested"

Cyril Abiteboul is not happy with the penalty applied to Racing Point and wants more

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 F1 | Spanish GP | Abiteboul: "Racing Point must lose all points of the events that have been protested"
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The first day of action on the track of the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix is ​​over and the team principals have come out to give their point of view on certain issues. On this occasion, Renault team boss, Cryil Abiteboul, has talked about his disapointment about the sanction applied by the FIA ​​to Racing Point. Renault protested against this team due to its design of the rear brake lines that were based on the parts that they obtained from last year's Mercedes W10. These parts must be created from scratch by the team and, by violating this regulation, the FIA ​​decided to impose a penalty of 200,000 euros for each car, that is, a total of 400,000 euros plus 15 points less in the constructor's  championship. The French team protested in the GPs of Styria, Hungary and Great Britain, in which Racing Point managed to score 14, 18 and 2 points respectively. During the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix, Racing Point protested against Renault and the penalty was that they lost all the points of that GP, so it was expected that the French team would not agree with the penalty as it is.

“We were expecting a consistent sanction. With other sanctions that we’ve seen in the past and the most recent one being the one we accepted last year after Suzuka when we were found in breach of the Sporting Regulations and not the Technical Regulations and excluded from that event and therefore losing all our points. There was no discount for Renault, so I don’t know why there should be a discount for Racing Point. It should be all the points of the events that have been protested"

Another argument expressed by Abiteboul was why the FIA ​​continues to let Racing Point use those illegal parts. The French commented: “ I think we are also going to be in a bit of a strange situation where, after every single event, Otmar will be called to the stewards, his brake ducts will be found similar to what they were, and unchanged, and again he will receive a reprimand. So we are facing the prospect of – what – almost ten races or something like that, or a bit less than that? Where his cars will be reprimanded"

“So, it’s a bit of a strange situation and I think that we’d like to have a bit more clarity about that. Not necessarily saying that they should be excluded for the season – but I think that also from a communication standpoint to the fan, to the public, explaining why your car is still somewhat in breach because he will receive a reprimand, but it’s OK to be part of the Championship and therefore to be eligible for points. We think it’s a bit awkward. So we would like also some closure about that, if possible."

Another topic that came out of the talk was the well-known Spanish pilot, Fernando Alonso that will return to the F1 with the team with which he won his two world championships. This week, Fernando is at the Indianapolis circuit where the practice sessions are running. During Thursday's session, the two-time world champion had a very bad accident coming out of turn 4 of the circuit. Renault's crew chief has confirmed that once under contract with the French team, Fernando Alonso will not be allowed to run the Indianapolis 500, even if there is no Grand Prix.

"It is very simple. The answer is, I'll actually barely breathe until next weekend, in fact, until he gets out of his race car in Indianapolis. But I can make it very clear that once he is with us, it will be full time so there will be no distractions. " 

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