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F1 | Daniel Ricciardo: “I expect a very fast Fernando”

Fernando Alonso's return to Formula 1 is approaching and Daniel Ricciardo, who will be the one to be replaced by the Spaniard, has something to say about it. The Aussie clearly states that he believes he will find an Alonso ready to fight and that with Renault in his hands, he will be able to give other drivers and teams a hard time.

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F1 | Daniel Ricciardo: “I expect a very fast Fernando”
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Earlier this year, the French Formula 1 team Renault announced that from next season, Daniel Ricciardo's seat will be filled by Fernando Alonso.


The Spaniard ended the 2018 season in the McLaren team with great bitterness due to the disastrous and disappointing season. And now, two years later, he is ready to get back into the game and will return to racing with the best drivers in the world.

He could also be the oldest Formula 1 driver, only if Kimi Raikkonen (40) decides to stop at the end of this season.

Daniel Ricciardo, who will be replaced at the end of the season by Alonso, said that age won't be a slowing factor at all.

Indeed in a Spanish newspaper, Ricciardo stated: “Don’t let anyone wait for an old man,  “I’ll wait for a very fast Fernando.

“I wasn’t really sure what he would do. I know he’s been very busy in a lot of different categories since leaving Formula 1.

“I wasn’t sure if he still wanted to get back into Formula 1, but it seems he does.

“In his last year here he left with a perfect qualifying record (21-0), he was still driving amazingly and Stoffel Vandoorne is not just anybody.

“He has the talent to push the car to its fullest, he knows that.

“An old Fernando, I wait for a prepared and very fast Fernando.”

In addition, Ricciardo believes that Fernando will be able to put Renault back in the lead thanks to the help of his future teammate, Esteban Ocon.

“Next year, and in the years to come, I think they will continue to improve and progress.

“Esteban has experience and confidence, but also someone is arriving very, very, very experienced in Fernando.

“I am looking forward to racing against him again and I think Renault will progress strongly in the years to come.” he stated.

The Australian driver will also have to think about his next year, in which he has chosen to change Renault with McLaren which will certainly be a bet given the amount of regulations that will come into force in 2022.

Daniel Ricciardo feels hopeful that, also in the future, he will find himself fighting against the Enstone team and Fernando Alonso of course.

“2022 is the most interesting goal for the team with the rule change,” he added.

“We will see who takes the biggest step then, but we will have good battles against Renault in the next few years.

“They have been very professional with me, even after announcing that I would be leaving.”

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