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F1 | Belgian GP | Raikkonen: No decision on future; Perez: ''Confident'' of retaining Racing Point seat

Raikkonen, Perez and the Haas drivers talked about 2021 and what the future may hold.

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F1 | Belgian GP | Raikkonen: No decision on future; Perez: ''Confident'' of retaining Racing Point seat
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The future of a number of drivers was up for discussion at the Belgian Grand Prix today. Kimi Raikkonen’s contract with Alfa Romeo runs out at the end of this year. The Finn says he’s yet to make his mind up on his future. 

‘’I haven't decided yet.’’ 

Asked if he could join another team, the 2007 World Champion repeated he needs to choose if he wants to race on beyond 2020. "I don't know. First of all I need to decide what I will do, and then we'll see.’’ 

"Obviously right now, that's the first thing to decide.’’ 

"And then I don't really see that it would change anything if I race with them, or I don't race.’’ 

"Like I said, until I decide what I do, those things are not really on my list." 

He was then asked if having a competitive car could be an important factor in his decision. The Finn admitted that his family comes first. 

"Obviously that also makes a difference, I'd much rather race in a good position and fighting for the points, but honestly, that's never guaranteed wherever you go in a new year that it's going to be good or bad. 

"I think the bigger picture is much more important for me. 

"First of all comes the family, and obviously the kids are getting bigger. 

"This year I've been able to be more at home, so it's great, but I think that really is what [decides] either I race or not. 

"There's going to be a point where I want to be home, and do other things." 

Despite strong rumours suggesting that Sebastian Vettel will drive for Racing Point/Aston Martin next year, Sergio Perez expects to continue with them in 2021.  

"I think it is, as I've said before, a matter of time," the Mexican driver said. 

"I feel really happy in the team. I believe in the project, I've been here for a while, and I can see how the team is going upwards.’’ 

"We all feel internally that everything is working well.’’ 

"We don't see the reason why we should change anything. I don't see any reason to change. I think we are enjoying a great season on-track, and things are working really well in the team.’’ 

"I don't expect any change." 

‘’All the feedback that I get, it's really positive, so I stay with that, and that's where my confidence comes from, and where we stay calm," Perez said. 

"It's a situation that is out of my hands, so I don't even bother at all. I focus on racing, enjoy it, and whatever happens, it's out of my hands, so I don't even give attention to it." 

As for Sebastian Vettel, he’s not given any updates on his future right now: ‘’I carry a lot of pens with me, but not specifically to sign anything. You can copy and paste my response from two weeks ago.’’ 

With Haas signing the new Concorde Agreement for 2022-2025, Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean expect to begin discussions over their futures very soon. 

Magnussen said: “It’s been a busy time lately with all the triple headers and there’s another one now and also there hasn’t been a good reason to start talking drivers when the team’s future has been the main point to sort out.’’ 

So I expect that there will start to be some talks from now on at some point so we will see about that.” 

Grosjean added: “There aren’t that many seats available on the grid, so this is great news that Haas stays in Formula 1.’’ 

“Obviously it means it gives us a bit more opportunities and talks are going to happen at some stage but right now, 100 per cent honest, we just focus on the racing and just get the best we can.” 

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