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F1| Italian GP| Hamilton takes pole, Bottas and Sainz close behind

Lewis Hamilton takes pole over teammate Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz with a phenomenal time of 1.18.887s

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F1| Italian GP| Hamilton takes pole, Bottas and Sainz close behind
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Just before the qualifying, many drivers have been summoned by the stewards. This had to do with the incident during FP3, where Lewis Hamilton had to avoid crashing into a peloton of drivers, that were slowing down too much during the lap. The 8 drivers that have been summoned were: Latifi, Grosjean, Perez, Gasly, Stroll, Albon, Sainz and Hamilton, but as of yet there has been no conclusion to the hearings, although the stewards ordered a required lap time of 1.43s when not on a flying lap.



The first cars to go out were the Haas, Alfa Romeos and Williams cars shortly joined by the Ferrari’s. Soon after the lap times started to flood the board one after another, but the first ones to top it were the Ferrari cars: Leclerc setting a 1.20s, who’s time has been cancelled due to exceeding track limits and Vettel, who jumped in P1 with 1.21.151s. Shortly after the rest of the grid joined the party, and very soon it was Lewis Hamilton with the fastest 1.19.539s, beating his teammate Bottas by over two-tenths of a second. Many other drivers suffered the same fate as Leclerc with their times being deleted, such as Gasly, Stroll and Albon due to exceeding the track limits. 

3 minutes before the end of Q1 the drivers in the dropout zone were: Grosjean, Vettel, Giovinazzi, Russel and Latifi, with Alex Albon on the edge at P15. Eventually, these drivers were the ones who did not qualify into Q2, with the biggest tragedy for Sebastian Vettel and his P17 during a home race at Monza for Ferrari. 


Most drivers got out almost immediately with the green light, repeating the peloton from Q1. Everybody during that stint went on track on soft tyres. Bottas was the one to set the fastest time during Q2 with 1.19.417s but was very quickly replaced on the top by Lewis Hamilton and his time of 1.19.092s, which is the new track record. Perez and Sainz pulled very good times of 1.19718s and 1.19.723s respectively, landing at P3 and P4 at that time. 

3 minutes before the end of qualifying the drivers in the drop zone were: Kvyat, Ocon, Leclerc, Magnussen and Raikkonen. It was also these drivers that didn’t make the final Q3 round. Alex Albon for the second time avoided the drop out zone. 


Immediately after the green light all of the drivers went on the track. It was Bottas who set the best result at 1.19.121s but he was fast beaten by his teammate Hamilton, who took the provisional pole with a 1.19.068s. It was then again Bottas who got into the provisional pole with a  1.18.956s but soon after it was again Lewis Hamilton, who set a phenomenal time of 1.18.887s and eventually took the pole. It was Carlos Sainz of McLaren who scored the P3, and very closely behind him Sergio Perez on P4.

Here is the final qualifying classification at Monza: 


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