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F1 | Italian GP| Carlos Sainz is “shaking” after qualifying third

The McLaren driver just conquered a wonderful third place which left him upset

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F1 | Italian GP| Carlos Sainz is “shaking” after qualifying third
Fuente imagen: Carlos Sainz official Twitter

McLaren ‘s huge step forward is under everyone’s eyes. Since last season the Woking-based team just proved it is possible to go down to the schedule and come back stronger than ever.

This weekend this gigantic improvement is even more visible with its two drivers outstanding performance. During the second session of the free practices McLaren shone with a wonderful fast lap finishing third but today it was Carlos Sainz who brought the Papaya team to its finest result since a long time.

The Spaniard indeed just qualified third, a shocking result- in a good way- he couldn’t have expected and which left him a bit upset. Noone could hope a wonderful result and it was about time that McLaren could go back where it belongs.

“ On the last lap I nearly messed up,- the Spaniard said- I had a big moment in Lesmo 1, and I nearly lost it. After that, I had to drive like this [on the edge] and I'm actually shaking a bit because in Parabolica and Ascari I had to really concentrate. I felt like I had nailed Q1, Q2 and Q3 run one. So I was waiting for Q3 run two, and the lap didn't start very well. I would like to be able to answer that specifically, but at the moment I can't,- he stated- We've just been very quick today. This year somehow our car is a bit more robust at running lower downforce levels and in Spa it started to pay off. Here in Monza, we have a strong car under braking, which means we can brake late, and we have a strong car for Parabolica and Ascari, which obviously helps.”

The youngest Sainz already proved he can bring a undervalued team to the apex. Can he double it woth Ferrari next season? Only time can tell.



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