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F1 | Tuscan GP | Ferrari will celebrate its 1000th Grand Prix with a special livery

Scuderia Ferrari has announced that they will race with a special livery and special race suits due to the celebration of its 1000th Grand Prix. A special event nearby Florence and some fans on the grandstands will also be part of the celebration.

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F1 | Tuscan GP | Ferrari will celebrate its 1000th Grand Prix with a special livery
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This week is another race week but this one will be an incredibly special one for a team that has been part of Formula 1 for many years, we are talking about Scuderia Ferrari. The Tuscan Grand Prix will be Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix and they have been gone back to their roots with a special livery with a lot of details regarding their first Grand Prix, which was the Monaco Grand Prix on 21st May 1950. It has been a while since the very first Prancing Horse car made its debut in the highest category of motorsports and the Mugello Circuit will be the track in which the Italian team will celebrate this date.

Over the weekend, the Ferrari SF1000s will feature a Burgundy colour, which represents a faithful reproduction of the shade of the red of the 125 S and the 125 F1, these two cars were the first Ferraris that hit the track in their first Formula 1 Grand Prix. The car will have the old design of the race numbers, just like back in the days. The Italian team has been in F1 in every single championship and this should be noted for all fans. Both Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, who suffered a big crash on last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix at Monza, will also have special race suits, these ones will be on the same colour as the car. The next announcement was maybe the most important one since a limited number of fans (2880) will be allowed into the grandstands from Friday onwards. This means that the authorities have taken the decision to impose social distancing measures around the grandstands and this will be the first Grand Prix in 2020 that fans will be cheering their favourite team and drivers in person at the track. The celebration will continue with an event organized by Ferrari nearby Florence but this does not end there, before the race start, Mick Schumacher, who is a Ferrari Driver Academy student, will drive the F2004, this car was driven by Mick’s father (seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher) and this will make a tribute to the Scuderia’s most successful car and, of course, to its incomparable driver. Mick has had an outstanding Formula 2 season and we might see him in Formula 1 in the following seasons.

“Scuderia Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix is a very important milestone, therefore it had to be marked in a special way. That’s why we decided to run a unique livery on the cars for this event, with the SF1000s taking to the track at the Mugello Circuit in the Burgundy colour first seen on the 125 S, the first racing car to carry the Ferrari name.” Commented Piero Ferrari, who is Ferrari’s Vice Chairman.

“Even the look of the race numbers on Charles’ and Sebastian’s cars will reflect the tradition of the past, giving the impression of being had painted onto the bodywork, while the drivers’ race suits will also match the car colour.” He affirmed. “It’s a tribute to our origins: to our starting point for the amazing Ferrari story, characterised by an endless desire to compete, alongside the will to build road cars that are exceptional in terms of technology and design. Ferrari is unique in the world.”

It is a nice coincidence that Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix will take place at their own Mugello circuit. It is something remarkable from the Italian team and we hope the team are in Formula 1 for many years more.

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