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F1 | Tuscan GP | Hamilton: “It's a really challenging circuit and Valtteri was quicker than me”

Lewis Hamilton's career pole position record rises to 95. The British driver achieved his 95th pole position at the Tuscan Grand Prix and took the Mercedes to the top once again. While his team mate, Valtteri Bottas, had to settle for the second position.

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F1 | Tuscan GP | Hamilton: “It's a really challenging circuit and Valtteri was quicker than me”
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Lewis Hamilton will start the Tuscan Grand Prix from the pole position after the yellow flag prevented his Mercedes team mate Valtteri Bottas from taking the pole position, who had a better pace during all three practice sessions and was also the quickest in the Q1.


But immediately afterwards, his team mate Lewis Hamilton made the fastest lap that put him in the lead of all the drivers.

Bottas could have stolen Hamilton's pole if the yellow flag had not been waved due to Esteban Ocon stopping his Renault at the side of the track as Bottas was on an out lap.

At the end of the qualifying Hamilton claimed his 95th career pole position. Instead, the Finn had to be satisfied for the second position on the starting grid.

“It’s been a really, really tough weekend if I’m really honest” said Hamilton.

“This track is phenomenal. It's a really really challenging circuit and Valtteri was quicker than me all day yesterday and even this morning, and even in Q1.

“Turns 10, 1 and 2 were the areas that I needed to improve and I managed to pick it up as we got into qualifying.

“I've been working so hard in the background to try and improve. The team did such a great job and I finally got the lap that I needed. At the end there I think the wind picked up and I wasn't able to go any quicker.

Speaking about his team mate Hamilton added: “It's always incredibly hard to beat Valtteri,

“Straight from the get-go this weekend, Valtteri’s had the upper hand… Valtteri had been quick all day yesterday, quick this morning, quick in Q1, and it was almost like nothing I did. I was making all these changes, changed a lot in the set-up.

“I went out in Q1, and I was still not quick enough, but I love that challenge! And I really enjoyed the battle with Valtteri. Once I got to Q2, I think I got quite a good lap. And my Q3 run one was a decent lap.

“I think there was still a little bit of time left on the table so I was hoping to get that for the last one but I think the wind picked up.

“I could really feel it was a little bit more gusty down the straight into Turn 1, the car was sliding around a lot more on that lap so I ended up being a tenth and a bit down. But nonetheless I really, really enjoyed qualifying today.”

This will be the first Formula 1 Grand Prix hosted by the Mugello so Hamilton setted the record of the track based on his pole position lap of 1m 15.144s.

Hamilton also affirmed his opinion about the track and the insane G-forces: “This track is phenomenal… it’s crazy!

“You go through Turns 6, 7, 8, 9 at like 170, 180mph, and the G-force we’re pulling through there, it’s insane, and it just gets more and more as you go through 8 and then 9.

“Turns 10 and 1 and 2 were the areas where I needed to improve and I managed to pick it up once I got into qualifying, so Valtteri did a great job in pushing me. But I’m really, really happy to be up there.” he concluded.

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