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F1 | Tuscan GP | Comments by drivers involved in the restart incident

The multi-crash at the restart left on the track 14 cars.

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F1 | Tuscan GP | Comments by drivers involved in the restart incident
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The first ever race in Mugello had plenty of crashes and collisions. The biggest was a crash at the early restart, after a crash at the start of the race that brought Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly to home. It left only 14 cars on the track.

The first collision in this big crash was between Antonio Giovinazzi and Kevin Magnussen who were also in contact with Nicholas Latifi and Carlos Sainz. After what all four drivers were out of the race.


The Stewards decided not to impose sanctions on anyone, but they issued warnings to all 12 drivers who were somehow involved in this incident.

So, how do the drivers who were involved in the crash feel and comment it?

Right after the incident Carlos Sainz called it "dangerous" over team radio, and also was seen holding his hand in some discomfort as he got out of the car.

After the race the McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl told: "I think the most important thing is that Carlos and, as far as I know all the other guys also, are okay. That's the most important thing. I think Carlos had a bit bruised hands but nothing big, which is good."

The driver himself confirmed Seidl’s words, assuring that everything is all right with him and in particular with his hand.

"I am fine. Only a blow to the wrist and hand, but honestly it does not hurt me at all. I am perfectly fine."

Carlos claimed that the nature of the restart had triggered a "very dangerous" situation for those in the middle of the pack.

"I'm happy that everyone is well, because apart from the frustration of not finishing the race in this way, I think what happened today is a very dangerous situation," the Spaniard told.

"What is clear is that in the rear half of the grid, we thought the race had been restarted, or someone believed it had. Then we had to all brake and there was a domino effect. I was coming from last and hit the car in front, taking the slipstream to attack."

"And when we began to accelerate, I found the chaos in front. It was a feeling I do not wish on anyone," the driver added.


As for Kevin Magnussen, who was one of the main participants in the crash, he said he was unsure who was to blame for what happened.

"I haven't watched it from all the cars ahead," he said. "I think my feeling is that somebody maybe backed off to try to go and then gain momentum."

"I don't know for sure, but suddenly the guys in front of me, the couple of cars ahead, they went and we were full throttle for at least a couple of seconds. Then they stopped, I had to stop and the cars behind me had to stop. Eventually somebody couldn't react and there was a crash."

"It is something we want to avoid in the future," Kevin added.

After his finish in the race, Antonio Giovinazzi said that he was disappointed with this outcome of the race, and also considers these incidents very dangerous and wants to find a solution to avoid them in the future.

"It’s really frustrating to end a race like this, without having really raced a single lap, although I am happy for the team scoring points. I had made another good start, climbing to P14: I felt at ease in the car and who knows how the race could have gone," Antonio said.

"There’s not much I can say about the crash except that it was a very dangerous situation. Everyone around me was already up at full speed, but suddenly there was [Kevin] Magnussen almost stopped in the middle of the track. [Nicholas] Latifi avoided him but I just didn’t have the time – I tried to, but clipped his rear left. Thankfully, nobody got injured but it was a very dangerous crash. With such a long straight, this was always going to be an issue and we have to think on how to avoid this situation happening again in the future."


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