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F1 | Gasly claims AlphaTauri aims to compete with Red Bull in the long term

Gasly points out that he might continue to stay with AlphaTauri, as the team has the ambition to challenge Red Bull.

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F1 | Gasly claims AlphaTauri aims to compete with Red Bull in the long term
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Gasly has shown an outstanding performance this season, culminated with the victory of the Italian Grand Prix.  Despite the recent successes, Christian Horner has denied the possibility of recalling Gasly to Red Bull.

Gasly claimed that continuing with AlphaTauri is not necessarily a negative thing for his career. The Frenchmen pointed out that AlphaTauri has not the same goals as Toro Rosso. Indeed, Gasly remarked that AlphaTauri is not a junior team and aims to emerge as a top team in the future.

“There's a clear will and a lot of ambitions coming from AlphaTauri.  

“I think it's a different situation to Toro Rosso/Red Bull, and how it was before.

“I think the project is exciting. As I said at the moment, the Red Bull team is clearly the top team of the two, but I think that the ambition of AlphaTauri is to, at some point, match their performances.

“And this means we also need the resources and to have bigger facilities to have this sort of thing.”

“I think that's the target of the factory really - in making their own status and position in Formula 1.

“I think it's clear that they have big ambitions. It's not a one-year project and we know how long it takes for a team to really build its identity and also its status as a top team.

“So it's something that is probably going to take some time, but I think it's not really a sister team as much as it could have been in the past. It’s more trying to make their own space inside F1.”

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