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F1 | Mark Webber on the “Vettel quality” of being a professional F1 driver

The former Sebastain Vettel’s team mate, the Australian driver Mark Webber talked about Vettel's future in the circus explaining that all the drivers that came in and out of Racing Point hadn’t the “Vettel quality”, in other words the approach of being a professional F1 driver.

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F1 | Mark Webber on the “Vettel quality” of being a professional F1 driver
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German driver Sebastian Vettel was recently confirmed as a Racing Point driver, which in 2021 will change its name to Aston Martin, for next year after learning that Ferrari was no longer willing to extend their working relationship.

A former Vettel’s team mate, Mark Webber expressed his opinion about the future in Aston Martin for the German driver. The two were team mates when they both raced with Red Bull, from 2009 to 2013.

Following past clashes, the former Australian driver has no doubts about Vettel's abilities and what he could bring to Aston Martin.

In an interview on Channel 4, Mark Webber declared: “I’m happy for him, I think it’s a great move from Aston Martin, for them a real masterstroke,

“In terms of sheer knowledge, nobody at Racing Point from a driver’s perspective had that much knowledge going to a team.

“Whether it’s how the culture should be, technically taking a car on the R&D phase…Nico Hulkenberg yes, Sergio Perez yes, Lance Stroll, good drivers, but they’re not Vettel quality when it comes to the all-encompassing approach of being a professional Formula 1 driver.

“He’s going to be a big signing for them in the background and I really think that’s going to be a big step for them.

“He’s wanting 2022. That’s when he wants this team to be firing for results back towards the front.”

Given Ferrari's disappointing performances this year,


Webber does not lose hope and believes that the German driver still has the energy to fight and therefore can redeem his position once he joins the Racing Point team.

“I was worried to be honest in terms of how it might fall for him,

“I think there is still some energy and fight left in him to still contribute more in this sport and for himself as well.

“I think a new environment will be brilliant for him. He loves the English environment, he flourished in Milton Keynes at Red Bull Racing.

“I think a year at Ferrari is nearly worth two or three years at other teams in terms of the energy and what Maranello demands from a driver, particularly when you’re fighting for World Championships which they were doing when he arrived.”

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