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F1 | Honda to quit Formula 1 at the end of 2021

After having ups and down in F1 in last 6 years of their venture Honda has finally decided not to push further with their Formula 1 project.

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F1 | Honda to quit Formula 1 at the end of 2021
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In their press conference on Friday Japanese car manufacture has announced that it can not keep up with costs of F1 project beyond 2021 and wants to solely focus on its road car project for now.

Honda made its F1 return in 2015 with McLaren but as it was hyped, they didn’t meet their expectation couldn’t even repeat half of what they achieved in old days. After ending its partner-ship with woking-based team they elected to supply engine to Toro Rosso and Redbull in 2017 and 2018 successfully.


They partnership started strongly as they have been able to achieve podiums and and wins in their first year with Austrian team.

Even this year Red bull Honda is best of the rest and they are ahead of teams like McLaren and Ferrari but despite all that and even with the hope of performing well in coming years and all the rule changes Honda has opted not to continue its F1 project.

In press conference at Tokyo they said it has decided to not to continue its F1 project even they are switching their road market towards the electric and hybrid cars manufacturing.

 Honda said: “Honda needs to funnel its corporate resources in research and development into the areas of future power unit and energy technologies, including fuel cell vehicle (FCV) and battery EV (BEV) technologies, which will be the core of carbon-free technologies.”

And further more they told that this decision wasn’t made just in recent times but they had been thinking about it for last years weighing pros and cons of the project and but the cons weighed more.

"We have started to calculate how much it will cost with the future regulations," Honda's F1 managing director Masashi Yamamoto told Motorsport.com at the time.

"We have noticed that it's very tough for all the car manufacturers at the moment, because of the environment change for electrification. So, we are summing up the development cost and having discussions internally."

When asked if cost cutting in new rules didn’t change their mind but they said it was not enough If you are not winning

Yamamoto added: "It is true that the cost is the biggest issue. “Winning is the first priority. Once we decide to participate, we just try to win."

Now the biggest question for everyone is what is the Future of Red Bull in F1?

It is clear they away they divorced with Renault it will take a lot of effort from the Red Bull to convince them to re supply them their hybrid engines. Other options are Mercedes they team who beat once in awhile will Mercedes risk their championship chances by supplying engine to their closest rival? Red Bull will opt for Ferrari the manufacturing who had supplied their sister team in the past

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