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F1| Eifel GP| Verstappen on Honda’s exit: “You could feel it coming”

During the Thursdays press conference before the Eifel GP at Nürburgring, Max Verstappen spoke about Honda’s decision to abandon the F1 programme. 

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F1| Eifel GP| Verstappen on Honda’s exit: “You could feel it coming”
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Red Bull Racing, under which colours Verstappen is currently driving found itself in a difficult situation. Being left with no power unit supplier as of now from the season of 2022, yet still being committed to F1 till at least 2025 means the team from Milton Keynes needs to find a suitable solution asap. There have been rumours about potential buy-out of the power unit from Honda and putting it under the name of Mugen Motorsports, which is also based in Milton Keynes. 


Regarding the entire Honda situation, Max Verstappen said that “You could feel it coming”. 

As he said during the conference: "Of course, you don't show it, but of course I also knew a little bit earlier than the announcement. But I guess it's just a shame, but understandable from their side. It definitely came after I signed the deal. But they never committed a lot longer, so you could expect something like this.”

He added: "You're never sure, and that's the same for teams as well. I mean you sign a deal with them, but who knows what is happening in five years' time, right? So, yeah, it is what it is. To be honest, like I said, you could feel it coming. I mean, I guess the whole situation in the whole wide world is definitely not helping."

While discussing the departure of the Japanese manufacturer, Verstappen said that although Honda has abandoned their F1 programme after 2021, the short-time commitment of the current and next season will not be an issue. 

As he said: "I mean it's a shame. But, yeah, you have to understand them, the reasons, and we just keep on pushing. That's also what they said. Of course they're going to pull out, but they're not just going to back off now. We just keep working together, because we have a great relationship. So it's really enjoyable to work with the guys. For the rest of the year we just keep on going and also for next year, introducing the new engine. You know, I'm very much looking forward to that as well, to just bring it to a good end and basically push until the last race."

Will we still see Honda make an appearance on the grid beyond 2021? Or will Red Bull go back to the Renault power unit, that has been a blessing during the 2010-2013 period, but a big disappointment between 2014 till 2018?


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