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F1 | Mick Schumacher and Ilott could wait until Abu Dhabi to run in F1

The Nurburgring chance has been missed and the two young drivers could have to wait until the last race of the season to have another shot in the Circus.

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F1 | Mick Schumacher and Ilott could wait until Abu Dhabi to run in F1
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Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott are two of the most brilliant promises of the future of Formula 1. Both the Ferrari juniors were expected to have their to race in Formula 1 in the Eifel Grand Prix, Schumacher with Alfa Romeo while Ilott with Haas. Nevertheless, the awful weather conditions led to a longer waiting.

Formula 1 is about to be filled with a good bunch of new entries and the leader of the Ferrari Young Drivers’ Academy, Laurent Mekies, thought it would be more responsible for the two young men to move in the Circus only at the end of 2020 season. Mekies states it would not be fair neither for Haas or Alfa Romeo to force them to have a drivers change in such a delicate time in the season, as they haven’t decided their 2021 line-up yet.

With new tracks, nobody has been there .We try to be fair and reasonable with our partners, and I don’t think it will be [fair] to run them on completely new tracks, where nobody has any data- the Ferrari director stated - And because they are going to race in Bahrain, we don’t want to disturb them as they are fighting for the title. So the only chance is Abu Dhabi. We’ll be discussing with both Alfa Romeo and Haas to see what is possible. Whether or not it will be possible remains to be seen, but we will be trying very hard to give them that chance. And after that there is the young driver test.”

Valuating and analysing both the two drivers’ chances, Mick Schumacher looks the most likely one to race in the major formula in 2021 with Alfa Romeo, whether Giovinazzi or Raikkonen would lose their seats. Callum Ilott, on the other hand, seems to have to wait a bit longer, so we will have to wait and see if there is going to be some new entries on the next season to fresh F1 up.


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