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F1 | Pirelli prepares Portimao prototype tyre test ahead of the Portugese GP

Pirelli has announced the conclusion of the 2021 tyre prototype and they are looking forward to test them in the second free practice session of the Portuguese GP.

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F1 | Pirelli prepares Portimao prototype tyre test ahead of the Portugese GP
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The Eifel Grand Prix has already taken place and was well received by the public. Recall that it was held on the famous and historic Nürburgring circuit, so it attracted more crowds. Next week, the highest category of motorsport will arrive in another country that was not expected to be on the calendar, we are talking about Portimao for the Portuguese Grand Prix. It will undoubtedly be a quite pleasant and entertaining weekend for the public since neither the teams nor the drivers have relevant and useful information about the circuit, so the drivers will try to push their car to the limit, making the slightest mistake it can end up with a lot of damage.

Pirelli has announced that they have finalized the prototype tyre that will be used from next season. We must remember that Formula 1 announced that, during the second free practice session of this Grand Prix and for at least 30 minutes, the drivers and teams will have to test the Pirelli prototype tires that will be used the following year. The Italian brand has commented that it is expected that there will be a 10% reduction in downforce thanks to these tires, however, Pirelli will have the time on it since November the first is the deadline for said brand to notify any type of change as for the construction and design of the tire, so Pirelli will only have 1 week to review all the information gathered during the Portuguese GP and will have to decide very quickly whether to make modifications or not.

Another factor that makes the decision of this tire concept difficult for Pirelli is that Formula 1 prohibited any type of tests that are outside of racing weekends, as of this year, the prototype tires that need to be tested will have to be used by teams and drivers in the first 30 minutes of the second free practice session. Absolutely all drivers have to take part in this short 30-minute test, with the exception if the car is damaged by an incident, be it mechanical or by an accident.

“The goal is to try to develop a tire with a higher level of integrity. Which means we can use it at a lower pressure. This, together with a reduction in downforce that is planned for next year, is helping the tire to perform better and therefore reducing overheating. " Pirelli boss Mario Isola commented in an interview with “motorsport.com”.



"It cannot be a completely new product, as we only have the opportunity to test the prototypes at Portimao, which is also a new track and a track that has been resurfaced." The Italian affirmed.

“We are planning to bring three sets of tires per team. That doesn't mean 30 different prototypes, we'll probably have something in the 8-10 range. I don't want to give you the exact number, simply because the test is blind to the teams, and whatever team information it says means the teams will be doing calculations. "

“In half an hour it is not easy. We are a bit worried about the traffic, for many things that can happen, maybe the circuit is not in good condition at the beginning of FP2. We have to go there and see what happens. " This is how Mario Isola ended.

The results obtained from this session will be decisive for the construction or modification of the tires that will be used. Pirelli will work under pressure to collect as much information as possible.

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