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F1 | The 23-race draft calendar for next season has been sent to all the teams

Formula 1 has sent to all the teams the 2021 draft calendar which consists in 23 races with a brand new Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and here is everything you need to know about it.

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F1 | The 23-race draft calendar for next season has been sent to all the teams
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It is well known that Formula 1 is also known as "the travelling circus" since it is traveling throughout the world. If the current pandemic that we are experiencing had not happened, the 2020 season would have had a total of 22 races, since the Hockenheimring, home of the German Grand Prix, was excluded, however, the Hanoi, Vietnam and Zandvoort, Netherlands circuits were included. After seeing the consequences of the virus of Chinese origin called Covid-19, the highest category of motorsports decided to cancel a total of 13 races. With this as a preamble, according to the English press medium called Autosport, the teams have already received a first draft of the 2021 calendar. This draft was read and reviewed at a meeting where the 10 teams and FIA staff were present.

According to the information given by Autosport, the calendar will consist of a total of 23 races, with the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix being the only new one to be added to the 22 that were already planned from this year. Some key points of the following season will be the start of it, which is scheduled for March 21 in Australia with Bahrain in just one week later. Two weeks later, the Chinese Grand Prix will be held at the famous Shanghai International Circuit, subsequently (2 weeks), the first Vietnam Grand Prix will take place. One difference that was very notable is that the Dutch Grand Prix, which was scheduled for May, was moved in date and will now be in autumn.

The European season will open at the beginning of May and there will be a triple header, which will highlight the Belgian and Italian Grand Prix after the summer break. The Spanish Grand Prix will be the GP in charge of opening the European season and a weekend later, the Monaco Grand Prix will take place. Baku will remain on the calendar in June alongside the Canadian Grand Prix. France, Austria, Great Britain and Hungary will continue in the same order and in almost the weekend that had been planned. On August 1, the summer break will begin.



On the other hand, the second half of the calendar is not as clear as the first. The dates can still change suddenly, especially for the Grand Prix of countries where the pandemic continues to evolve, namely the United States, Brazil, Mexico, among others. However, another triple header is being analysed, which would consist of Singapore, Russia and Japan. We have to remember that the highest category of motorsports had its first triple weekend in 2018 when the French, Austrian and British Grand Prix were included. In the current calendar this year, there are 4 of these, which has been quite entertaining for the fans, however, the teams and drivers have agreed not to have many triple headers in a season as it is extremely exhausting for them .

Formula 1 is also anticipating the entry of a new country as a Grand Prix host; we are talking about Saudi Arabia. A tentative week is present in the draft calendar presented to the teams so that, if all the paperwork is done correctly, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which would consist of a street race around the city of Jeddah, will take place at the end of season. This would be the first step for the Middle Eastern country, since they are planning to build a circuit made and specialized for this category. Another new circuit that will be included for 2021, will be the new Rio de Janeiro track, which will host the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The pre-season winter tests will also be modified since, at least one week will be moved from the traditional Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to the Circuit of Bahrain. This last test is planned for before the start of the season in Australia, that is, for March. Formula 1 fully plans to follow the calendar, since the teams did not receive any type of "backup" races in case the situation was to complicate due to the pandemic.

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