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F1 | FIA "evaluating changes" after marshals situation on Sunday

FIA said how they are considering to change the regulations in order to make sure that situatons like the one in Imola, where six cars passed too close to a group of marshals, will never happen again

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F1 | FIA "evaluating changes" after marshals situation on Sunday
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The FIA said that, after the dangers caused on Sunday by the fact that several drivers passed too close to a group of marshals when the Safety Car was on track, the race directors will consider changes to race procedures.

During the GP on Sunday, six drivers, Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi, Nicholas Latifi, Romain Grosjean, Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll, have come too close, for safety reasons, to more or less three marshals that were working near the edge of the track.

Both Vettel and Grosjean comunicated on the radio the presence of the marshals, stressing that it could have been a dangerous situation.

The video footage of the incident then showed also how Lance Stroll, who was the last driver to pass the marshals, did that at an higher speed respect to the other five drivers.

The FIA stated to RaceFans.net that they are working to make sure that this kind of situation will never happen again, because of its clear dangerousness.

"The safety of the marshals and trackside officials is of the highest priority for the FIA", said the sport’s governing body. "Race control was made aware of the issue and is evaluating whether any changes can be made to the procedures currently in place to further protect the marshals and officials and minimise the likelihood of a reoccurrence in the future".

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