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F1 | Racing Point is no longer developing their 2020 car

Racing Point's technical director, Andrew Green, has confirmed they are no longer developing this year's RP20 and instead, they are focusing on their next season and all the aerodynamic changes.

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F1 | Racing Point is no longer developing their 2020 car
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We all know that the first and second places in the constructors' championship are more than defined, however, the third place is being fought by many teams that want to take the place left by Ferrari after a terrible 2020 season. Currently, Racing Point, Renault, McLaren, and perhaps Ferrari, are in a fierce battle to finish in the top 3 in the constructors 'championship, in addition to that in the drivers' championship, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo are the ones who are directly competing for fourth place. Finishing third in the constructors' championship is an achievement everyone wants, especially the considered midfield teams, however, Racing Point has confirmed that they are no longer developing their current car, the RP20 and better directing their full attention to the 2021 season. This may seem somewhat illogical as the stakes are high, however, the British-Canadian team's technical director, Andrew Green, has given the explanation for this decision.

“We have been looking to next year for quite a while now. Significant aerodynamic changes are needed for next year’s car, so we’ve been looking at that for a while. " Commented Green. "We haven’t got anything planned to come to this ca r for the last few races, as much as we’d really like to."



“I still think there’s more in the car. And we sort of showed at the last two races that we definitely perform really well on a Sunday afternoon, the car is really, really quick. " Racing Point’s technical director affirmed. "So I think we will take stock of where we have been in the last few races, and see if we need to make some adjustments, maybe a bit more towards the qualifying side rather than the race side."

We all know that the key to success in Formula 1 is consistency. If a team only has one driver who is scoring week after week, but their second driver is not, they will not be able to fight against a team that is stronger in terms of consistency. We have seen it with Red Bull (Max Verstappen and Alex Albon / Pierre Gasly). If we analyse the results of the season, Sergio Perez has scored in absolutely all the races in which he has participated, it should be noted that in the last 5, the Mexican driver has finished within the first 7 places, while Lance Stroll has not scored from his podium in Monza. This has been due to different factors, including incidents with Leclerc in Sochi, with Lando Norris in Portugal, a puncture in Mugello and a broken front wing in Imola, in addition to the Canadian's absence from the Nurburgring after having tested positive for Covid- 19.

“I think we’d look back and say we’ve had a rough run of luck, to be honest, a really rough run, and we should be clear in third place. But we're not, we're not going to sit back and cry about it. It's just head down and get on. Sometimes you have to make your own luck. I think Bahrain potentially could be good for us. " That is how Green finalized after analyzing Racing Point’s situation.

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