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F1 | Was Istanbul podium Vettel’s swan song?

During the Turkish Grand Prix, the German managed to conquer a podium after a long time. Let's see if this will be his last.

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F1 | Was Istanbul podium Vettel’s swan song?
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When Sebastian Vettel came to Maranello back in 2015, he had in mind a whole different career in Ferrari then the one he got. Both he and Ferrari thought that he could be the one to bring the World title back to Maranello after Kimi Raikkonen in 2007, but their relationship had been very different.

We all know that Sebastian Vettel, after his first win in the red suit he caught in Singapore fell in a sort of mental breakdown. It seemed like he had lost his magic touch, he didn’t seem able to improve and to conquer the results he did at Red Bull. The situation revealed to be more serious that we thought as the German ended up losing officiously the first drive to a youngster who just came in Formula 1 one year before. Then, the SF1000 came, and it seemed to be Seb’s death blow. He began qualifying always after the top ten, his races weren’t great. Istanbul, though, reserved a surprise to everyone: finally Sebastian Vettel won a podium, and he did it wonderfully.

The German passed Charles Leclerc on the track, where it counts, he passed Verstappen on his stronger Red Bull too. He even managed to keep Hamilton and his super Mercedes behind for a while. Sebastian got to conquer a podium with a poorly-built car and with a disastrous 5-second pit-stop.

Can this result be the last highlight of a great career? Sebastian Vettel has been dismissed by Ferrari to hire Carlos Sainz, who will be happy to do what they want him to, be a mere second drive to Charles Leclerc, just like Valtteri Bottas is for Lewis Hamilton, and they knew that Vettel would never do it. Sebastian isn’t ready to leave the Circus, though, he will go to the future Aston Martin (now known as Racing Point). By racing there, he will have a good car and a second-hand Mercedes engine but he will have to stand by the son of the boss. However, even though Vettel will need some time to adjust, Racing Point can be a good place for a brand new start. The car is so good to be nicknamed the “Pink Mercedes” and Vettel is simply the best in developing the cars. Ferrari is known for its way of firstly flattering and secondly burning to the ground the previously awarded World Champion: does the name Fernando Alonso recall anything to you?

Sebastian still has something to show and if he gets the chance and the right mood, as he’s very sensitive to be a “cold-hearted German” just like we all expected him to be, he will prove the Prancing Horse wrong. It will all depend on the first races of the 2021 season: that’s where his career may come to life again or sing the swan song forever.


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