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F1 | Bahrain GP | Perez: Red Bull or sabbatical in 2021

Sergio Perez’s chances of remaining on the Formula 1 grid appear to be slim, at best.

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F1 | Bahrain GP | Perez: Red Bull or sabbatical in 2021
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A 9-time podium finisher since his debut at Australia in 2011, Perez’s hopes lie on Red Bull deciding to choose him over Alex Albon for the 2021 season if he wants to stay on the grid, following Racing Point's decision to boot him out for Sebastian Vettel. 

Checo, who finished 2nd at the last race in Turkey following a tyre management masterclass, is waiting for Red Bull to make their choice.  

For now, he’s focusing on himself and to keep delivering in his final three races for Racing Point. The 30-year-old has scored points on his last 18 starts. 

“I think right now we’re just waiting on the decision, what they decide to do, so that’s out of my hands,” said Perez ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix. 

“I’m just approaching these three races as usual: just focus on the job, keep delivering, and the rest is out of my hands. 

“There’s only one option [for 2021], I’ve said it before. I’ve been here so many years. I want to keep going, I think I’m at the peak of my career, but also want to keep going with a reason, with a plan, with a good project. 

“I think if there’s not a good project that keeps my motivation, to give my 100 per cent, I would rather not take it.” 

Perez believes he’ll take a complete break from motorsport in 2021 as Formula 1 is his priority. If he fails to return to the grid, he has other plans up his sleeve away from motor racing. 

“I think if I don’t have Formula 1 next year I don’t see myself doing anything else,” he said. 

“I will take a year to consider what I want to do, if I really miss it [racing]. Most of the drivers, they retire, then six months they come back and want to do whatever is available! 

“I have to see. I’ve never experienced that. My whole life I’ve been into [racing] so I have to see also life out of the sport, how it is, how it suits me, then see if I miss it or if I want to carry on with that life. 

“I have a lot of interest in other stuff, away from racing, I think obviously I’m still young, I could see myself later on doing other businesses away from motorsport, not in my 30s you know, but if that comes early I’m happy to consider that option as well. 

“I have my family, I want to see my kids growing up, other things you know, I can imagine a life without motorsport.” 

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