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F1 | Bahrain GP | Hamilton: Grosjean's crash is a reminder that F1 is a dangerous sport

After a dramatic race, Lewis Hamilton reflected on the accident of Romain Grosjean, and overall a difficult day fighting Max Verstappen

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F1 | Bahrain GP | Hamilton: Grosjean's crash is a reminder that F1 is a dangerous sport
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Starting from pole position, Lewis Hamilton won the 95th win of his career, the 5th consecutive, and his 11th in this 2020 season. However, those results were eclipsed and relegated to the background, as the race was the stage of the spectacular and terrifying crash of Romain Grosjean, the Haas driver. 

When exiting his car at the end of the race, the newly crowned seven-time world champion showed a very composed attitude, not displaying his usual joyful energy after a dominant demonstration. Instead, his first words were for his fellow racing driver: 

“It [the Grosjean incident] was such a shocking image to see”

“When I get in the car, I know that I'm taking risks, and I respect the dangers that are in this sport. I posted about it [on social media] whilst I was in that break because it's horrifying.”

Hamilton expressed how grateful he was, seeing how the safety measures put in place by the FIA helped Grosjean escape alive, an accident of that magnitude. He also reminded, if needed, how dangerous the sport is:

“The cockpit, I don't know what Gs he pulled, but I'm just so grateful that the halo worked. I'm grateful the barrier didn't slice his head off or something like that. It could have been so much worse.”

“It's a reminder to us, and hopefully to the people that are watching, that this is a dangerous sport,” 

“We are out there pushing to the limit and that limit, it needs to be respected.

“I think it shows the amazing job that F1 has done over time, to be able to walk away from something like that.”

“But of course, that will be investigated and they will do a lot of work to try and make sure that that doesn't happen again.”

On the sporting side of things, the Mercedes’ driver reflected on a difficult race, physically wise, having also to mentally refocus after an hour-long break:

“It really was physically very demanding,” the Briton said.

“With the break that we had at the beginning, you get into a mindset, you go out and you get a good start, and then that hour wait that we had, it is so easy to step out of the zone.”

“That was quite tricky, but then getting back in, [Red Bull] had a lot of speed today so I was flat out the whole way, trying  to keep them at bay.

“This track has always been physical. We got lots of high speed corners. So I was definitely feeling it."

“I managed to just about reply to [Verstappen] when I needed to, but it was sliding around a lot out there and I wasn't really quite sure how it would play out at the end."

“But I'm massively grateful and thankful to my team, because they at the end of the day did a great job with the strategy.”

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