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F1 | Haas 2021 line-up: the team for the rich and the famous

The new line-up for the American team is getting shaped and it will bring a breath of fresh air in the Paddock

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F1 | Haas 2021 line-up: the team for the rich and the famous
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It’s been a long time since Haas impressed in a good way the fans and the rival teams. It is a date of fact that the American team is facing severe financial issues and the sponsor keep staying away.

Gunther Steiner found a way to break the habit, though. The team principal of the team decided to set a fresh start replacing both the current drivers.

Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen will depart at the end of the season and this means that some new faces will occupy the two spots available. Just today Haas let the first name go out. One of the American team official drivers will be Nikita Mazepin. The young Russian has a good foot and he’s hungry for results but we have to tell that there’s something more behind this choice. His father is a very rich business man and he could provide for the financial security that the team needs to hold the pace with the rivals. However, there are rumours that say that Mazepin  Sr. is following the lead of Stroll Sr., buying the actions of the team and becoming partially an owner but, as we said, these are only rumour by now so we will just have to wait and see.

With Nikita Mazepin officially in, there is only one spot left so the next logical step is figuring out who could make him company.

When Haas revealed that Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen would not continue their carreer with them, it was said that the two names would be Mazepin and Mick Schumacher. The first part of the bet revealed true so, what about the other part?

The young Schumacher bears a heavy name on his shoulder and he is officially sponsored by Haas’ team supplier, Ferrari. He is young too but he proved to have some good qualities that could express and bring the team forward. Moreover, wearing that name, he brings a good kind of attention on the team and this could have several benefits.

The choice of hiring two youngster is a very brave one because it exposes the team to several mistakes, to furious internal battles to get the first seat’s role and it will weight on the car as well. Without any experienced driver who will help them to have a specific feedback to rely on and fix the car?

If these are disadvantages though, there are some good points too to consider in this twist of direction. Firstly, Haas will steal the spotlight’s eyes because we will all be curious to assist to the two youngsters’ arrival in the major Formula, and this means attracting the sponsors’ attention too. Secondly, they will be excused if something continues to not work as well as it should. The last point is that this will add freshness and emotion to a Formula that is already written until the 2022 season, if not more. Haas is very brave to look for a new path and it is a good idea to get it going one season early, before the Regulations will generate the chaos in the paddock.

This new generation of drivers is really made of gold, with a number of shiny talents that are only waiting for their chance to bloom and this could be the one.

There is another question which sneaks in: what if the worst kept secret is only a bluff?

Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg and many more are still available. Probably Haas will maintain the mystery until Abu Dhabi, the theatre in which the young Schumacher should have his chance to race in a Free Practice. Luckily, we still have to wait for, this season.  



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