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F1 | Max Verstappen vs Alex Albon; performance comparison in qualifying and race

We all know that the "best" comparison of a driver is his teammate since they both have the same car; in this piece, we will compare the performance of the two Red Bull Racing drivers, Alex Albon and Max Verstappen, in qualifying and race. Who was the best?

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F1 | Max Verstappen vs Alex Albon; performance comparison in qualifying and race
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The 2020 Formula 1 season has now come to an end. After having been in total uncertainty and having the doubt if we were going to watch racing or not, we can finally say that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which is a tradition to be the last on the calendar, has ended. It was a season full of surprises, unexpected podiums, good races, some races in the rain, among many other things that kept many of us on the edge of the seat. In this article we will compare the overall performance of the two Red Bull Racing team drivers, namely Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon. We will compare their performance during qualifying sessions, final race position, some errors, among other factors.



  • Qualifying session and starting race position.

For starters, we have to remember that the Dutch driver is one of the most difficult to beat, be it his teammate or his rival. We saw it with Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon. In this season of a total of 17 races in which there were a lot of triple headers and without some circuits that are characteristic of Formula 1 such as Monaco, the United States, Japan, etc, the drivers need to be adapted considerably to these circumstances and modalities that had been imposed for the resumption of the highest category of motorsport.

In qualifying, Max Verstappen prevailed considerably compared to his teammate. In absolutely every race, Max Verstappen was ahead of his teammate Alex Albon. That is, Max was 17 times ahead of the Thai driver. Max Verstappen's best starting position in the race was the first place, that is, pole position, which he achieved only once during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, on the other hand, Alex Albon's best position was P4 achieved in the Tuscan Grand Prix, Turkey and Bahrain. Max managed to advance to Q3 in all 17 races of the season, while Alex only obtained his pass to Q3 14 times. We have taken the time to calculate the average difference that these two drivers have in each qualifying session by comparing their lap times and we can conclude that Alex Albon on average is 0.701 seconds slower than Max Verstappen in qualifying. We can also conclude thanks to the attached table that, in this season, the average qualifying position that the Dutch driver had was 3.1, that is, rounded, 3rd place, while the British Thai driver had an average position of 7.1, that is, 7th place.


Grand Prix Max Verstappen's Time Lap Max Verstappen's Position Alex Albon's Position Alex Albon's Time Lap Difference from Alex Albon to Max Verstappen
Austria 1:03.477 3 5 1:03.868 +0.391
Styria 1:20.489 2 7 1:21.011 +0.522
Hungary 1:14.849 7 13 1:15.715 +0.866
Great Britain 1:25.325 3 12 1:26.545 +1.220
70th Anniversary 1:26.176 4 9 1:26.669 +0.493
Spain 1:16.292 3 6 1:17.029 +0.737
Belgium 1:41.778 3 5 1:42.264 +0.486
Italy (Monza) 1:19.795 5 9 1:20.090 +0.295
Italy (Tuscany) 1:15.509 3 4 1:15.954 +0.445
Russia 1:31.867 2 10 1:33.008 +1.141
Eifel 1:25.562 3 5 1:26.047 +0.485
Portugal 1:16.904 3 6 1:17.437 +0.533
Italy (Imola) 1:14.176 3 6 1:14.572 +0.396
Turkey 1:48.055 2 4 1:50.448 +2.396
Bahrain 1:27.678 3 4 1:28.274 +0.596
Sakhir 53.433 3 12 54.026 +0.593
Abu Dhabi 1:35.246 1 5 1:35.571 +0.325
Average Qualifying Position   3° (3.1) 7° (7.1)    
Average Difference from Alex Albon to Max Verstappen         +0.701
  • Race and final position.

We all know that, at the end of the day, Sunday's race is the one that gives the points so the results in this session are extremely important for the drivers 'and constructors' championships. Max obtained a total of 5 DNFs (did not finish), either due to accidents or mechanical problems, while Alex Albon only had 2. Max achieved 2 victories (70th Anniversary Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix), Albon is yet to obtain one. The Dutch driver achieved a total of 11 podiums, when Alex only achieved 2. A fact that should be noted is that Max finished 12 races and obtained 11 podiums, that is, the Dutchman always managed to finish on the podium in all the races that he finished excepting one. Max's average race podium was 2.4, that is, 2nd place, while that of the Thai was 6.9, that is, 7th. Finally, Max Verstappen finished the season in third place in the drivers' championship with 214 units, while Alex Albon placed seventh with 105 points (a difference of 109). To facilitate your understanding, this is the table of the main race on Sunday.

Grand Prix Max Verstappen's final position Alex Albon's final position
Austria DNF DNF
Styria 3 4
Hungary 2 5
Great Britain 2 8
70° Anniversary 1 5
Spain 2 8
Belgium 3 6
Italy (Monza) DNF 15
Italy (Tuscany) DNF 3
Russia 2 10
Eifel 2 DNF
Portugal 3 12
Italy (Imola) DNF 15
Turkey 6 7
Bahrain 2 3
Sakhir DNF 6
Abu Dhabi 1 4
Average Final Position 2° (2.4) 7° (6.9)
Victories 2 0
Podiums 11 2
Did Not Finish (DNF) 5 2
Points 214 105


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