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F1 | Binotto warns Mick Schumacher: “His first season won’t be easy”

Ferrari’s team principal doesn’t think that Mick Schumacher will have an impressive first season in the major Formula

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F1 | Binotto warns Mick Schumacher: “His first season won’t be easy”
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The new season has not even started and there are already some worried predictions. Mick Schumacher ended 2020 in a positive way, winning the Formula 2 title and he had the great chance to try Haas’ single-seater in Abu Dhabi, just to have a taste of driving in Formula 1.

Of course, psychologically speaking, it will not be easy to walk in his shoes, because all eyes will be on him and everyone will be ready to judge him as a failure if he does not adjust quickly to his new car or easily point him out as a superstar. That’s the weight of being a Schumacher.  

Someone else seems worried about his performances, though. The Prancing Horse’ s team principal Mattia Binotto just warned the media to not expect anything exceptional from Mick on his first day in Formula 1, as he predicts a hard season for him.

I think it will be very hard for him at first- Binotto said- Looking back at his past, he normally does not achieve very much on his first season but he improves a lot on his second”

Later, the boss compares Mick Schumacher to Charles Leclerc, as both have been two drivers of the Ferrari Young Drivers Academy.

Comparing him to Charles, Charles is very fast on the first day. I guess that Mick, for how he developed, learns a lot during the first season and at the end of the day during the beginning of his second one too. He gets extremely strong at the half of the second season and during his third one. That’s why I think that the first two seasons are going to be important for him. I expect to see him improved in the second one already”.

As a part of the Ferrari Young Drivers Academy, though, Binotto specifies that Mick is not only being prepared to just be in F1 but to have a future in Maranello.

“We provide to prepare our young drivers to be a part of Ferrari one day and drive a red F1 single-seater. We cannot let them come here directly, though because it would be a too big responsibility and they would not have the necessary experience.”

Ferrari’s team principal knows precisely what to expect from Schumacher during his first period with Haas.

“I expect him to be really fast, not only during the race but in qualifying too. More than that, he will have to prove he knows how to lead a car in a good position through the race”.

Even if Mick wears an important name, he will have the chance to follow his own path and show his own talent to build a career that belongs to him only.


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